11 Fascinating Warbler Chicken Details You Ought to Know

Warbler sightings are a welcome signal of spring for birdwatchers. Try superb info about these migrating birds.

With greater than 50 species present in North America, lovers clamor and collect for an opportunity to identify the energetic little birds throughout spring migration. With these superb warbler info, you’ll respect them much more.

Yellow warbler sitting in nestDantesattic/Getty Pictures
A feminine yellow warbler sits in a nest.

Yellow Warblers Defend Their Nests

Brown-headed cowbirds are identified to put eggs within the nests of many warblers, notably these of yellow warblers—however the warblers have a means of preventing again!

To deal with the intruder’s eggs, a feminine warbler will typically construct one other nest on high of all the present eggs and lay extra eggs. One yellow warbler nest was famous for reaching six layers deep.

Psst—these footage of warblers will make you wish to go birding.

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