A vocabulary of sunshine — Bruce Percy

We are inclined to shoot what we deem lovely, and as a newbie I might solely work with sunrises and sunsets. Most of us simply go about responding to what we predict lovely and naturally, that may be a nice factor to do.

However I’m conscious that there are qualities of sunshine outwit my regular taking pictures habits that if I selected to work in them, I would discover some new floor, and an appreciation for.

However it’s my perception that now we have to take one sort of high quality of sunshine at a time. For the previous whereas, I’ve been focussing on very gentle delicate delicate gentle, foggy misty gentle. I’ve stayed away from exhausting contrasts from a normal perception that the sunshine doesn’t work. But I’ve had a couple of epiphanies over the previous decade the place I discovered that what I believed wouldn’t work, does, if approached in the precise means.

In brief, studying to know what totally different sorts of sunshine are offering our imagery is like creating a vocabulary. It takes time to be taught new phrases, and to know the subtitles of them, and when to make use of them in our language.

dreich: Scottish (particularly of climate) dreary; bleak.

I might not have tried to shoot this a few years in the past, and I’ve acquired many feedback that this picture was fairly totally different for me. I feel that was partly as a result of inexperienced color (I hardly ever shoot inexperienced, in case you hadn’t seen?), but additionally due to it’s darkish, dare I say it dreary, bleak temper.

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