Aglaonema Woman Valentine (Pink Agalonema) Care Information 2023

a lady valentine aglaonema with beautiful pink & green foliage in a tan clay pot sits on a mustard colored table the text reads pink aglaonema care

Aglaonemas are basic within the houseplant world due to their lush greenery, attractive foliage, and pops of colour. Right here’s a information on how you can take care of Aglaonema Woman Valentine (Pink Agalonema) with rising suggestions and regularly requested questions answered on the finish.

There are lots of stunning Aglaonema varieties with pink tones in the marketplace and that is clearly certainly one of them. Different widespread names for this plant are Pink Woman Aglaonema, Pink Valentine Agalonema, Pink Valentine Plant, Aglaonema Valentine, Aglaonema Pink, and Pink Chinese language Evergreen.

Different pink aglaonema varieties embody Pink Splash, Siam Pink, Two Tone Moonstone, Extremely Pink, Prosperity, Crete, Status, Glowing Sarah, Pink Princess, and Pink Dalmatian Aglaonema.

I’ve heard mine known as Pink Aglaonema and I normally consult with it as my “Pink Ag”. In my expertise over time, the take care of these aglaonemas with colourful foliage is way the identical, similar to my Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Pink Agalonema Traits

nell foster in her brightly lit kitchen standing with a pink aglaonema lady valentine in clay pot
My fairly Valentine … Woman Valentine that’s!

This colourful plant sits on a protracted desk in my eating room with many different houseplants. Some who see it on social media repeatedly ask “What’s the identify of the pink one?“. You requested so a care publish is coming your manner.


Woman Valentine Aglaonemas are mostly bought in 6″ develop pots. Additionally, in 4″ and eight″ pots.

I’ve had mine for 3 -1/2 years now and it’s nonetheless within the 6″ pot I purchased it in. It stands 25″ tall (pot included) x 32″ huge.

Development Price

Most aglaonemas are recognized to be slow-growing crops. Mine is in a really vibrant publicity and has been rising reasonably. As with all indoor plant, the decrease the sunshine, the slower the expansion price will probably be.

Makes use of

These are tabletop crops. I’ve seen them utilized in dish gardens too. 

I have already got a common information on Agalonema Care. I wished to do one particularly on the Pink Aglaonema as a result of it’s fairly in style and also you’re clearly inquisitive about it. That is one gorgeous foliage plant!

close up of the colorful foliage of aglaonema lady valentine & agalonema sim aurora
The fabulous foliages of my Aglaonema Woman Valentine & Siam Aurora (Purple Aglaonema).

Aglaonema Woman Valentine Care

Pink Aglaonema Gentle Necessities

Aglaonemas, primarily the dark-leaved and/or greener Chinese language Evergreens, are billed as low-light crops.

That is the place Woman Valentine differs from a few of the different Aglaonmeas recognized for his or her tolerance of low mild circumstances.

I’ve discovered that the darkish leaf varieties, like my Aglaonema commutatum Emerald Magnificence (oftentimes known as Aglaonema Maria) pictured within the center within the photograph under or the favored Aglaonema nitidum and Aglaoenam Silver Queen can tolerate decrease mild circumstances significantly better than this one.

The Pink Agalonemas and others which have extra colour and brightness of their foliage (like my Siam Aurora pictured on the suitable under) want medium to excessive mild to do and look their finest. Shiny oblique daylight is what they like.

This plant will do wonderful in high-light circumstances so long as it’s saved just a few toes away from home windows with the robust solar coming in. That, together with touching the new glass, will burn it very quickly flat.

Most significantly with regard to mild, is that this plant doesn’t do nicely in decrease mild circumstances and can lose coloration (flip greener relatively than pink), the leaves will probably be smaller, and the plant will develop slower if in any respect. That’s your cue to maneuver it to a vibrant spot with oblique mild.

Mine sits on the lengthy desk about 6′ from a trio of home windows with a southern publicity. I reside within the Arizona desert the place the solar is intense and the sunny days are plentiful. 

The colour of my plant is powerful and it flowers a couple of times a 12 months. It likes this spot however I do must rotate it each couple of months so it will get mild on all sides.

I get requested about rising crops in synthetic mild and I’ve no expertise to share on this topic as a result of I’ve all the time grown my indoor crops in pure mild.

You’ll have to maneuver your Woman Valentine to a brighter spot within the winter months so it will get the sunshine it wants. Listed below are extra recommendations on Winter Houseplant Care.

aglaonema lady valentine agalonema emerald beauty & aglaonema siam aurora sit side by side
That’s Aglaonema Emerald Magnificence (Maria) within the center. this darkish inexperienced Ag does higher in a lower-light state of affairs

Pink Aglaonema Watering

I water mine when it’s nearly dry. Right here within the desert in the course of the heat months, it’s each 5-7 days, and within the winter months, each 10-14 days. 

I actually can’t inform you how usually to water your Pink Aglaonema as a result of there are numerous variables that come into play. Listed below are just a few: the pot dimension, the kind of soil it’s planted in, the placement the place it’s rising, and your property’s atmosphere. 

Don’t maintain your plant too moist or it’ll finally succumb to root rot. It’s finest if the pot has a drainage gap (or extra) as this enables the surplus water to stream out and prevents it from increase within the backside of the pot.

In case your plant is exhibiting brown leaf suggestions, it could be as a result of excessive mineral content material in your faucet water. An answer could be to strive utilizing 1/2 faucet water and 1/2 purified water.

Right here in Tucson, the water is difficult. I used purified water earlier than I received this tankless R/O system put in in my new residence. It has a re-mineralization cartridge that places the nice minerals again in. That is what I exploit to water all of my indoor crops.

New to indoor gardening? You’ll wish to try this Indoor Plant Watering Information because it has many extra particulars on this topic.


If your property is comfy for you, it’ll be so on your indoor crops additionally. Make sure you maintain your aglaonema out of any chilly drafts in addition to away from air con or heating vents.


Aglaonemas are native to the subtropical and tropical areas of Asia. Even supposing they like excessive humidity, they’re pretty adaptable. They do wonderful in our properties which are likely to have dry air.

I reside within the Arizona desert and my Woman Valentine Aglaonema has no brown leaf suggestions which is often a response to dry air. My Purple Aglaonema and A. Silver Bay are largely tip free additionally. My A. Emerald Magnificence then again is stuffed with brown leaf suggestions.

I’ve this humidity meter in my eating room. It’s cheap however does the trick. I run my Cover humidifiers when the humidity reads low, which is nearly on a regular basis right here within the Arizona desert!

I’ve a big, deep kitchen sink. As soon as a month I take it to the sink, spray the foliage, and go away it in there for an hour or so to briefly up the ante on the humidity issue. It additionally helps to maintain the foliage clear.

If you happen to assume yours look harassed as a consequence of lack of humidity, listed here are a few different issues you are able to do. You may strive utilizing a pebble tray or fill the saucer your plant sits on with pebbles and water. Put the plant on the pebbles however be certain the drain holes and/or the underside of the pot aren’t submerged in water.

Misting your plant just a few occasions per week will assist too. I like this mister as a result of it’s smaller, simple to carry, and places out a pleasant quantity of spray. I’ve had it for over three years now and it nonetheless works like a attraction.

Do you may have a number of tropical crops? We’ve a complete information on Plant Humidity which may curiosity you.

close up of the pink foliage of a lady valentine chinese evergreen
No brown leaf suggestions regardless of the dry desert air. Lookin’ good!
close up of the pink & green foliage of the aglaonema lady valentine pink aglaonema
One other close-up of the attractive pink foliage. I really like how every leaf is totally different.

Fertilizer / Feeding

Each different spring, I give nearly all of my houseplants a lightweight software of worm compost with a lightweight layer of compost over that. Simple does it – a 1/4 ” layer of every is sufficient for a 6″ dimension houseplant. It’s robust and breaks down slowly. Examine my Worm Compost/Compost Houseplant Feeding proper right here.

I give my Aglaonema Woman Valentine a watering with Develop Largeliquid kelp, and Maxsea 5 to seven occasions in the course of the rising season. By the way in which, I alternate these liquid fertilizers and don’t use all of them collectively.

I fertilize my indoor crops beginning in mid-February by way of October. We’ve a protracted rising season right here in Tucson and my houseplants admire it.

When my crops are placing new progress and new leaves, it’s my signal to start out feeding. For you in a special local weather zone with a shorter season, feeding two or 3 times per 12 months could do it on your crops.

Don’t give them an excessive amount of fertilizer or too actually because salts can construct up and ultimately burn the roots of the plant. This may present up as brown spots on the leaves. If you happen to fertilize greater than 3 occasions a 12 months, you’ll be able to strive utilizing the fertilizer at half-strength. The label on the jar or bottle will information you.

Keep away from fertilizing a houseplant that’s harassed, ie. bone dry or soaking moist.

Make sure you try our Information To Fertilizing Indoor Crops for heaps extra data.

Greatest Soil For Aglaonema

All Chinese language Evergreen crops will admire good high quality potting soil formulated for indoor crops. I alternate between Joyful Frog and Ocean Forest and generally I combine them collectively. They’re top quality and have a lot of great things in them. You should use each on your outside container crops too (besides succulents). 

Aglaonemas, like different indoor crops, don’t like a heavy combine. You need it to be well-draining and well-aerated. Add in pumice or perlite to minimize the prospect of rot.

Wholesome soil will guarantee a wholesome plant. The aglaonema combine recipe I exploit is 3 components potting soil to 1 half pumice. You may add a bit extra pumice or perlite to the combination if it nonetheless wants lightening up.

I additionally add just a few handfuls of coco coir and coco chips together with a few handfuls of compost/worm compost to the mix once I’m repotting Aglaonemas. I’ve a number of crops and a potting room off my storage so don’t fear about including them in the event you’re quick on area. 


Repotting is finest carried out in spring or summer season. Early fall is okay in the event you’re in a hotter local weather like me. The sooner your plant is rising, the earlier it’ll want repotting.

I repot my aglaonemas each 2-5 years until they’re exhibiting indicators of stress, the soil seems depleted, or roots are popping out the drain holes.

Go up 1 pot dimension (for example from a 6″ pot to an 8″ pot), and ensure there may be at the very least 1 drainage gap so the surplus water can simply stream out the underside of the pot and never construct up within the backside.

I’ve carried out a Information to Repotting Crops which I believe you’ll discover useful, particularly in the event you’re a starting gardener.

an aglaonema lady valentine with beautiful pink foliage sits on a mustard colored chest
The jute string retains just a few of the bigger stems from flopping fully over. It could be time to modify to an invisible twine for a greater look.
an aglaonema lady valentine with beautiful pink foliage sits on a mustard colored chest in clay pot
This photograph was taken 1 1/2 years later in the identical spot. The plant has actually crammed out & the moss-covered stakes & clear ties holding it up is just about disguised.


Not a lot is required. The principle causes to prune this plant are for propagation or to trim off the occasional decrease yellow leaf or spent flower.

This plant tends to flop because it grows. I’ve tied mine up with jute string (and now clear ties) and stakes to maintain the stems upright. If the plant is getting too leggy otherwise you need it to develop denser, then you’ll be able to all the time tip prune off the brand new progress. Chopping the stems again ought to drive out new progress on the base.

Talking of a Woman Valentine plant getting leggy, they’re vulnerable to rising lengthy stems over time. It’s the character of their progress to sometimes lose decrease leaves. As extra foliage kinds on the prime, they grow to be a bit top-heavy.

If yours isn’t placing out new progress on the base to cowl the stems like mine is, you’ll be able to strive pruning a few stems down leaving out 2-3 nodes above the soil line to drive out new progress. 

Simply be certain your Pruners Are Clear & Sharp earlier than you do any pruning.


I’ve propagated aglaonemas by division and stem cuttings. My 6″ A. Siam Aurora may simply be divided into 2 crops.

If you happen to’ve pruned leggy stems off, you may as well strive propagation through the stem-cutting methodology. Lower stems which might be 4-10″ lengthy and propagate them in a lightweight combine or in water. I take off nearly all of decrease leaves as a result of they normally die anyway and new progress will ultimately emerge.

I presently have Aglaonema Silver Bay cuttings rooted in water which might be able to be planted. I’ve rooted Aglaonema stems in water efficiently however by no means received round to planting them within the soil as a result of I gave them away. I’m undecided how they switch over from water into the soil for the lengthy haul. I’ve heard each sure and no.

a finger points to a node on an agalonema plant stem
You may see the place this stem has misplaced decrease leaves over time. I’m pointing to a spot proper above a node to point out the place I’d prune the stem off if I had been chopping it again.


I labored within the inside landscaping commerce for seven years. On industrial accounts, I noticed agalonemas infested with mealybugs, spider mites, and scale.

I’ve talked about mealybugsspider mites, and scale earlier than so you’ll be able to determine these pests and deal with your crops accordingly to eliminate them.

Pests can journey from houseplant to houseplant quick and multiply like loopy so be sure you get them beneath management as quickly as you see them.

Pet Security

Aglaonemas are thought of to be poisonous to pets. I seek the advice of the ASPCA web site for my data on this topic and see in what manner the plant is poisonous. Right here’s extra data on this for you.

My kitties pay no consideration to my quite a few houseplants so it’s not a difficulty for me. Most Houseplants are Poisonous to Pets indirectly and I wish to share my ideas with you relating to this matter.

On the lookout for non-toxic houseplants? Right here’s an inventory of 11 Pet-Pleasant Houseplants on your reference.

a cute grey kitty las in a patio chair next to an aglaonema plant
I haven’t shared a kitty pic in ages! Riley was out on the patio with me once I was filming the video. I adopted him in Santa Barbara from Resqcats nearly 12 years in the past.


Oh sure, it does!

It has a spathe-type flower. My Agalonema Woman Valentine flowered this summer season into early fall. The spathe is mild inexperienced and the spadix (the middle half) is white. 

I’ve heard that it’s good to take away the flowers as a result of they zap power from the plant. I go away them on and haven’t discovered that to be true.

I lower the flower stems off (all the way in which all the way down to the bottom) when the spathe and spadix are each useless. Possibly I’m lacking one thing however I like to take a look at them!

Simply know that in case your plant is rising in decrease mild circumstances, it’s unlikely it’ll flower.

Pink Agalonema Care Video Information

a display of 5 houseplants in the araceae family anthurium alocasia aglaonema pothos & syngonium
Different in style houseplants within the Araceae household together with Aglaonemas.

Listed below are a few of our houseplant guides it’s possible you’ll discover useful: Information To Watering Indoor Crops, Newbie’s Information To Repotting Crops, 3 Methods To Efficiently Fertilize Indoor Crops, The way to Clear Houseplants, Winter Houseplant Care Information, The way to Enhance Humidity for Houseplants.

Aglaonema Woman Valentine FAQs

How do you take care of a coloured Aglaonema?

The take care of the brightly coloured Aglaonema crops is just about the identical. Simply do not forget that they want a lot of vibrant, pure mild to deliver out and maintain the colour of these vibrant patterned leaves.

The Chinese language Evergreen cultivars with silver-green or darkish inexperienced leaves tolerate decrease mild ranges.

How do you propagate Woman Valentine plant?

Both by division or the stem cuttings methodology.

When ought to I repot Woman Valentine?

When the roots are rising out of the drainage holes is an efficient time. I’ve received the tip of 1 root rising out of a drain gap of mine so I’ll most likely do it in a 12 months. In case your plant is trying harassed, one purpose could possibly be that it’s potbound or in want of contemporary soil.

Repotting an aglaonema each 2-5 years is a common rule. Spring and summer season are one of the best occasions of 12 months to do it.

Why is my Pink Aglaonema drooping?

It’s most certainly a watering problem – an excessive amount of or too little.

Does Aglaonemas want daylight? Does Aglaonemas like direct daylight?

All Aglaonemas do their finest in vibrant pure daylight however with no publicity to the direct scorching solar. The varieties with much less colour (like my Ag Emerald Magnificence and Ag Silver Bay) can tolerate decrease mild circumstances.

Can Aglaonemas survive in low mild?

Reference the above reply. Even those that tolerate decrease mild circumstances will cease rising and grow to be very spindly if the sunshine stage is just too low.

How usually ought to I be watering my Pink Aglaonema? Does Aglaonema want a number of water?

In response to the first query, I can’t offer you a precise schedule for watering your Aglaonema pink. There are lots of elements concerned. For example, my new residence has a number of home windows and extra mild than my earlier residence. I water all my houseplants extra usually right here.

In response to query 2, no. I let mine nearly fully dry out earlier than watering once more.

Conclusion / 3 Necessary Issues To Know

This colourful aglaonema isn’t a low-light plant. It wants vibrant pure mild, a average to excessive publicity, to deliver out and maintain that lovely pink foliage.

Sometimes, the decrease leaves of this pink Chinese language Evergreen will die – it’s the character of how this plant grows. Tip pruning every year may also help your plant from getting too leggy.

Because the foliage on prime of the stems grows, it might probably grow to be top-heavy. It additionally occurs if the plant isn’t getting sufficient mild. You may prune the stems if yours is flopping an excessive amount of. I put a few stakes in my plant and ran jute string across the stems to carry the plant extra upright.

Are you able to get a Pink Aglaonema? This colourful houseplant is straightforward to take care of and oh-so-eye-catching!

Be aware: this publish was initially printed on 12/3/2021. It was up to date on 2/23/2023 with extra info & new pictures.

Joyful gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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