Blue Grosbeak vs Indigo Bunting: ID Problem

Noticed a blue chook which you could’t establish? This is ace a typical birding take a look at: blue grosbeak vs indigo bunting.

Blue Grosbeak vs Indigo Bunting: What’s the Distinction?

A Portrait Of An Indigo BuntingCavan Pictures/Getty Pictures
Male indigo bunting

Whenever you peek by your binoculars and see solely a fluttering flash of blue, it may be troublesome to interpret that glimpse. Which flash of blue have you ever seen? For those who managed to catch a couple of black accents on the wings, you possibly can rule out jap bluebirds or mountain bluebirds—however in distinguishing between a male blue grosbeak vs an indigo bunting, that may not be a lot assist. Right here’s I.D. these birds in a snap, so that you’re by no means left questioning which blue coloured chook visited your yard.

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Tips on how to Establish a Blue Grosbeak

Male Blue Grosbeak (guiraca Caerulea)michaelmill/Getty Pictures
Male blue grosbeak

Blue grosbeaks have a big head, a stout physique, darkish blue feathers, and two rust-colored wing bars. Their invoice, just like the invoice of the rose-breasted grosbeak and different birds within the grosbeak household, is heavy and thick. Females are brown with contrasting wing bars.

For those who’re listening to a wealthy, musical warble, you’re listening to a blue grosbeak—in addition they give a loud chink name when upset.

blue grosbeak vs indigo buntingCourtesy Paul Moffett
Search for the grosbeak’s heavy invoice and rust-colored wing bars.

You’re probably to identify one within the southern half of the U.S. through the summer season, however their breeding vary has been increasing north. For those who’re situated within the western half of Texas, you’ve most likely noticed a blue grosbeak.

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Tips on how to Establish an Indigo Bunting

indigo buntingCourtesy Sarah Geiger
Indigo buntings have a smaller invoice and their vary extends farther north.

In distinction, indigo buntings are sparrow sized birds with shiny blue feathers throughout, some black on their wings and tail, and darker blue coloring on their head. They lack the blue grosbeak’s rusty wing bars. Their invoice is small and conical.

Feminine indigo buntings are plain mild brown with faint wing bars and skinny streaks on the chest. When figuring out females, concentrate on invoice dimension and wing sample.

These birds sing in fast, candy phrases.

Their vary falls within the jap U.S. and elements of the Southwest throughout spring and summer season. For those who’re birding in any of the higher Midwestern states or across the Nice Lakes, your thriller blue chook might be an indigo bunting.

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