Did You Know Zebra Mussels Are Affecting One among Our Favourite Houseplants?

Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are affecting one among our favourite houseplants? Do you know?Possibly you probably did, because it has been an issue for over two years. I didn’t know.

What houseplant is it affecting? The lovable Marimo moss ball. I do have a lot of them, however they’re outdated, so this drawback doesn’t apply to my vegetation. (Really it’s an algae.)

I assume as a result of I haven’t purchased one currently, it hasn’t been on my radar. However, once I was on the pet store some time in the past, wanting on the vegetation, I assumed having one other moss ball wouldn’t be a foul thought. They advised me then I couldn’t get one due to the zebra mussels. So I appeared into it.

older Marimo ball that is zebra mussel free
This outdated Marimo ball is mussel free as a result of it’s outdated.
zebra mussel free marimo
This is similar marimo as above. I needed to take it out of the carafe as a result of it was getting too giant to get out.

What are zebra mussels?

Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are small bivalve shellfish that dwell in freshwater. They’re small and have stripes like zebras. (Sorry I don’t have an image.) They’re an invasive species within the Nice Lakes, and in different our bodies of contemporary water in the USA.

Zebra mussels are filter feeders and siphon components of plankton from the water. This takes meals sources from native species. They connect themselves to exhausting surfaces equivalent to boat hulls and pipes and they’re virtually unattainable to regulate. At this level, they’re attempting to forestall the unfold.

zebra mussel free marimo
Tiny marimo balls in a little bit glass jar

Zebra mussels and Marimo

What do zebra mussels must do with Marimo balls? These invasive creatures had been found on a Marimo ball in a Seattle pet retailer in March of 2021. Their care includes altering the water and emptying it in our sinks. The zebra mussels, if current, may then trigger issues.

As a result of they of the ban in some states, most pet shops don’t promote them anymore. I known as many pet shops to see if after two years they’d them again in. Just one pet retailer out of the 7 I known as had them on the market. Are they purported to promote them? I’m undecided.

The opposite retailer’s workers did say they’re hoping to see them come again. They had been a preferred merchandise. Who doesn’t love them?

Marimo balls in a store long ago
Marimo balls

Marimo destruction

How will you already know you probably have an infested marimo? In the event you purchased your marimo after February of 2021, it might be infested. You’ll most likely know by now because it has been a few years.

State and federal goverment invasive species businesses requested that when you had bought a marimo after Feb. 2021 to destroy it. How heartbreaking….

How do you destroy it?

From what I discovered, there are 3 ways to destroy your marimo and forestall the zebra mussels from spreading. You may freeze it for twenty-four hours, boil it for one minute, or soak in bleach for 10 minutes or vinegar for 20 minutes. Then put it in a sealed plastic bag and place within the trash. Downside gone.

Is there a alternative for marimo balls?

I don’t suppose there could possibly be a alternative for the lovable marimo. However, after visiting Petsmart this week, I discovered they do have moss vegetation. There aren’t in any method like a marimo. Marimo are algae, however most individuals assume they’re a moss.

These moss, for which haven’t any identification, are flat inexperienced disks. These should not cute like a marimo, however they’re inexperienced and in a spherical form….. I purchased one and can see what it does. I’m assuming it would proceed to be a spherical disc of inexperienced.

I’m so glad I purchased my Marimo balls lengthy earlier than 2021. I hope you’ve an outdated one, too. In the event you do, be sure to maintain them wholesome, as chances are you’ll by no means be capable to purchase one once more. I like these little inexperienced algae balls and am glad I’ve them.

Have an ideal week, plant pals.


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