Dry Creek Hillside Design: Clay Soil and Shade

Dry Creek Hillside Design: Clay Soil and Shade

three woman on backyard boardwalk
For over a 12 months, backyard designer Leah Churner’s Instagram footage caught my eye as she carved a dry creek mattress right into a rocky, gumbo clay hillside. She and fellow Delta Daybreak Gardens designer Holly Gardovsky steadily added crops—native and tailored—that get together with shade and heavy soil.
woman on backyard boardwalk; house in background
Dwelling to Lori Najvar, documentarian and artist, and architect Glen Chappell, we headed out in late November. Onerous-hitting rain and bone-chilling chilly minimize that go to quick. After we returned in early December, crops have been unfazed with the nips, however we donned wooly beanies!
hilltop house with live oak trees and garden art
When Lori and Glen fell in love with the view over Barton Creek, Glen designed the home to tuck in gently between a rugged cliff and mature stay oak bushes. “We each love nature and love the creek a lot that we wish it to really feel extra like that as an alternative of like a sculptured formal yard,” Glen stated.
plants on shady hillside with dry creek bed
However till they met Leah in 2021, it was a failed wildflower meadow and erosion made worse by rainwater that sluiced down the slope.
three woman and dog on backyard boardwalk looking at plants
“Along with constructing the dry creek, we additionally added some terracing with Jap cedar logs. However they actually assist to stabilize the slope as a result of they’re very, very gradual to disintegrate,” Leah stated.
plants and boardwalk under live oak tree
In a pandemic challenge, Glen and pals had already constructed the boardwalk for simpler navigation and views from all angles. Leah and Holly softened the sides with native and tailored crops, younger now, however promising the look of a collaborative pure surroundings inside a number of years.
decking around a sunken pond
The pond is one more Glen pandemic challenge. With decide in hand, he excavated a 7’ x 2’ vast gap, a formidable feat in rocky clay soil. Fortunately, stuck-at-home neighbors cheerfully jumped in. Glen decked round a plastic inventory pond, deep sufficient to discourage fishing raccoons. Rapidly, toads and Leopard frogs joined the nightly wildlife refrain that Lori and Glen treasure.
house, live oak trees and plants around a dry creek
Leah constructed on his designs to have a good time the views from inside, elevating some vantage factors and screening others.
woman digging into soil
Like Glen and his pond, she wielded a decide to work her means by way of the soil to plant. Watch our video.
succulents and flowering plants against a dry creek bed
The rocks she unearthed did come in useful, although, together with a mound for sedums, graptopetalum, Euphorbia rigida, Nolina texana, and Agave virginica/Manfreda virginica. Evergreen bearded iris don’t thoughts the heavier soil in any respect, and get sufficient mild since Glen had the bushes limbed up. Past, shrubby boneset (aromatic mistflower) continued to bloom for pollinators.
dog on long porch above a hillside garden
Rocks round new crops deter armadillos and doggie armadillo imitators, like sweetie pie Grover, right here watching Ed Fuentes and Doug LaValliere for any indicators of a deal with.
elevated covered patio hillside garden
Earlier than Leah put in crops, she sheet-mulched for months with a layer of cardboard, compost, and mulch. With each planting, she provides extra compost to enhance aeration. Right here’s a fast clip about amending clay soil.
house and covered patio above hillside plantings
She selected crops that work in dappled to heavy shade. Native and tailored crops embrace evergreen and seasonal bloomers to feed pollinators. “There’s something to say about Central Texas, with the much less formal strategy gardens: I believe it’s much more attention-grabbing since you actually do expertise how they adapt to climate,” Lori famous. Right here’s a partial plant listing.
mountain laurel seeds mixed with compact discs
Pure magnificence engages Lori and Glen year-round, from flowers to berries and seeds.
red Texas mountain laurel seeds in wire mesh container
Since their Texas mountain laurels produce bountiful crops of seeds, Lori gathers a number of to show in intelligent designs from salvages.
moon gate supported by vintage wrought iron porch posts
In one other salvage challenge, Glen created a moon gate from classic wrought iron porch posts. Coated with ardour vine in summer time, it’s a whirl of bee and butterfly motion for them and their neighbor.
metal teapot suspended in tree
He engineered a classic teapot to slowly drip into the birdbath.
teapot suspended from live oak tree dripping into birdbath
The hose runs again to a spigot turned down very low, simply sufficient to maintain the water softly transferring.
outdoor shower built against a cliff
Within the hall between the home and cliff, Glen constructed an out of doors bathe. “They’re actually a pleasure to make use of. I like being on the market to observe the moon rise,” he stated.
outdoor shower in corridor between house and cliff
Cliff chirping frogs serenade them by night time, and by day, they watch little canyon wrens educating their younger to fly.
staghorn fern mounted near stained glass door
He designed a stained glass door that leads exterior. On this little hall, they harbor varied container crops and some of Glen’s staghorn ferns.
woman and man looking at staghorn fern as he lowers it to eye level
“I believe they’re residing sculpture. I consider myself as an artwork collector with them. The primary one I noticed was in a public botanical gardens years and years in the past. And I simply thought it was essentially the most lovely factor,” he stated.
woman hugging dog in fern greenhouse
His assortment ranges from the large to the miniscule, every one a fascination. Since they have to be protected in winter, he transformed the unique display porch off the lounge right into a greenhouse.
old typewriter deer antler sculpture plants against cliff
“So there’s one other factor about two artists coming from completely different views in our homestead,” Lori defined. “We merge a number of the collections that I do accumulate and his construction that he supplies. It’s sort of enjoyable.”
fire pit surrounded by limestone blocks with view beyond trees
In Lori and Glen’s “campground,” pals collect for music jams or simply to hang around—an actual bonus in the course of the pandemic. I don’t know if Debra Peters and Jay Hudson ever joined them across the fireplace pit, however I thank them for generously sharing their spirited music “Zydeco Shuffle!”
three men and woman with video gear near PBS vehicle
Right here’s our valiant crew: Doug LaValliere, director Ed Fuentes, me, and Robert Moorhead.

Watch Lori and Glen’s story now!

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