Easy methods to Transplant Crepe Myrtle? 7 Wonderful Steps!

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Crepe Myrtle is an attractive flower-bearing tree that may develop as tall as 25 ft. The leaves have a fairly mild inexperienced coloration, whereas the flowers exhibit varied hues of pink which might be ever so mesmerizing.

These lovely bushes have 50 species native to the nice and cozy climates of India, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

Generally it’s best to begin the seedlings in a safer atmosphere and transplant them to their unique location. On this article, you’ll learn to transplant Crepe Myrtle with seven wonderful steps!

Bushes have an extended life span than different vegetation; they will develop enormously through the years. Subsequently, they’re usually planted at places with sufficient house to maintain their progress through the years.

Nonetheless, some situations come up when transferring a tree from a specific location is critical.

If you end up in such a state, don’t fear, as it’s doable to maneuver a tree. Our useful information on the best way to transplant Crepe Myrtle proves it!

How to Transplant Crepe Myrtle
Easy methods to Transplant Crepe Myrtle – by way of Flickr

When to Transplant Crepe Myrtle?

The most effective time to transplant the Crepe Myrtle plant is throughout its dormancy.

Be certain the plant is dormant while you determine to transplant, and no new growths are sprouting. Wait until mid-spring to make sure the tree’s soil is well workable. Should you transplant the tree whereas it’s lively, it would kill it.

The most effective time to transplant a Crepe Myrtle is late winter or fall.

Don’t transplant the tree through the heat months as the brand new leaves are rising, and transplanting might halt the expansion. Should you plan to transplant your Crepe Myrtle throughout summertime, we recommend holding it off till late fall.

Particularly if the tree is outdated, don’t transplant it through the rising season as a result of it gained’t have the ability to take the shock of transplantation and die.

To securely transplant your tree and watch it thrive, learn our information on the best way to transplant Crepe Myrtle.

Why Do You Must Transplant Crepe Myrtle?

Crepe Myrtle is likely one of the most mesmerizing and cherished decorative bushes.

However if you’re questioning why you would possibly have to transplant your Crepe Myrtle, learn the next causes to study:

  • Typically, the tree outgrows its present location and doesn’t have enough room to develop anymore. In such circumstances, you will have to relocate the tree to a brand new space with extra rising house. Myrtle bushes can develop as tall as 30 ft, and in case you planted it at a smaller spot earlier, you would want to relocate it.
  • In case your tree isn’t receiving sufficient daylight or if the sunshine is getting blocked, then the tree must be transported. Low daylight can stunt the tree’s progress and hinder its blooming.
  • In case your tree is in the way in which of any new infrastructure being added round the home, it should be transplanted. If you’re setting up or renovating round the home, then it’s best to relocate the tree as an alternative of chopping it.
  • Mature bushes usually sprout new vegetation from their roots, and they’ll develop into a brand new plant. These new propagations are relocated to new spots to allow them to develop to their fullest with out leeching the vitamins of your older bushes.

With that apart, let’s now see the best way to transplant Crepe Myrtle.

Step-by-Step Directions on Easy methods to Transplant Crepe Myrtle

After studying the fundamentals of when and why to transplant a creep Myrtle, allow us to dive in on the best way to transplant Crepe Myrtle in a stepwise method.

Transplanting bushes will be tough due to their intensive root networks.

You should do the duty safely and effectively to make sure the tree just isn’t broken. The foundation balls of Crepe Myrtle bushes are fairly giant; nonetheless, they don’t seem to be as deep, making the transplantation course of a bit simpler.

1. Water Earlier than Transplantation

Earlier than transplanting your Crepe Myrtle, begin watering the tree every day for no less than per week. It’ll soften the soil across the tree to make uprooting simpler. Moreover, it’ll saturate the roots sufficient in order that they will survive the transplant.

2. Put together the New Website of Transplantation

It’s steered to begin the digging of the brand new gap just a few days prematurely of transplantation.

It’ll guarantee fast transplantation, and you don’t over-treat your self whereas uprooting the tree.

  • Whereas digging the outlet, measure the tree’s diameter and dig no less than one foot wider than the tree.
  • You need to dig the outlet deeper, too, in order that the roots have enough room to develop, and you may add the outdated soil with the established root system.
  • Please guarantee the brand new location has sufficient house so you’ll not should retransplant your tree after it grows.

Now, it’s time to uproot the tree.

3. Uprooting the Tree

This step generally is a little troublesome and time-consuming because it requires loads of care.

  • You can not simply take a shovel and begin digging, as it might injury the roots.
  • Rigorously dig one to 2 ft across the tree after which beneath the tree. Don’t shovel too exhausting in order to not reduce via the roots.
  • After the soil loosens across the tree, gently free the foundation balls and expose the central root ball.
  • Shake the tree from the stem, backwards and forwards, to set the roots free.
  • Leverage the foundation ball beneath the tree to assist push it out gently.

Now, transfer to the following step.

4. Wrap up the Roots

After the roots have loosened, cowl them utilizing a tarp or burlap sack to maintain them protected. Lay down a tarp subsequent to the tree so you should use it to tug the tree to its new location.

5. Trim and Prune

After eradicating the tree, it turns into straightforward to prune its high if wanted.

  • So, earlier than you transplant it once more, trim the highest leaves and branches to encourage the progress of recent leaves.
  • Don’t reduce greater than 1/3 of the tree branches. Chopping again an excessive amount of will injury the tree and have an effect on its progress.

Doing this can even be certain that surplus vitamins can be found for the roots to develop fairly than diverting them to the outer branches.

6. Replanting the Tree

It’s time to replant the Crepe Myrtle tree to its new location.

You’ll need extra workforce to make sure this job is finished easily and with out injury. As your folks assist with the replanting, be certain so as to add sufficient soil from the outdated location of the tree to minimize the shock to the tree.

7. Water Generously

As soon as the tree is planted, water it completely to scale back the shock and supply the plant with its required vitamins. You is likely to be tempted so as to add fertilizers and overwater the plant, however this won’t be a good suggestion.

Extra of something is dangerous, so watch out!

Easy methods to Estimate the Measurement of a Root Ball?

Whereas uprooting a tree, it’s troublesome to inform how deep or widespread the foundation ball is.

Understanding the estimated dimension of the foundation ball, you’ll be able to plan out the digging extra exactly and carry it via with out damaging the foundation ball.

For additional help, now we have created a chart with estimated measurements that will help you decide the foundation ball’s dimension based mostly on the tree trunk’s diameter.

Trunk Diameter Root and Soil Ball Diameter
1 inch or much less 14 inches
1–2 inches 18–24 inches
2 inches 24 inches
3 inches 32–34 inches
4 inches 40–42 inches

For each one-inch addition within the tree trunk’s diameter, preserve including 8 to 10 inches to the scale of the foundation ball.

As soon as the tree is transplanted to its new location, make sure you present further tenderness, love, and care to the tree.

This vital change could cause the tree to enter shock, and if not taken care of correctly, this would possibly stunt the tree’s progress and even kill it fully.

After a few weeks from the shock interval, simply because the spring is about to begin, add fertilizers to assist increase the expansion of your tree within the coming season.

Preserve the soil barely moist however don’t let it soak or let the water stand.

That’s all!

Now you know the way to transplant Crepe Myrtle.

Right here’s a video information for you:

Easy methods to dig up and transplant a crepe myrtle and break up a crepe myrtle into a number of bushes! – YouTube

Now, let’s head towards the conclusion!


Bushes usually are not solely lovely, however they’re additionally an asset to the atmosphere.

Caring for and nurturing a tree is a really lengthy and rewarding course of; for any purpose, watching your tree reduce or die will be very saddening.

Fortunately, now we have acquired the perfect resolution for you!

If you end up in a scenario the place your tree can now not be left in its unique place, you’ll be able to safely transfer it to a different one.

With our useful information, you’ll be able to study all of the fundamentals of when, why, and the best way to transplant Crepe Myrtle, so that you gained’t have to chop it off. A useful dimension chart and aftercare suggestions are added to the information that will help you make the transplantation course of go easily.

Share the photographs of your Crepe Myrtle with us within the feedback beneath!

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