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Aeonium Arboreum Plant

As a succulent subtropical subshrub within the Crassulaceae household, Aeonium arboreum is often known as the tree aeonium, tree houseleek, or Irish rose. About 35 species of succulent crops are discovered within the genus Aeonium, characterised by shiny, waxy leaves organized in a rosette vogue. 

Initially a less-branched shrub, Aeonium arboreum reaches a top of two meters. Kind of upright or ascending stems have clean, net-like patterned axes with a diameter of 1 to three centimeters. Their leaves develop in flattened rosettes with diameters of between 10 and 25 centimeters on the ends of their stem axes. 

These species are generally mistaken for synthetic crops as a result of completely rounded leaves of their rosette constructions. White, yellow, purple, and inexperienced rosettes could be a strong shade or variegated. Within the heart of the rosettes, tiny, star-shaped flowers develop in clusters, however they don’t seem to be notably showy.

Aeonium plants

Overview of Aeonium Arboreum Plant

Scientific identify                Aeonium spp

Frequent identify                Saucer plant, Aeonium

Plant sort                        Succulent

Solar requires                    Full solar to partial shade

Soil                                   Properly-drained sandy loam soil

Soil pH                             5.6–6.0

Zone                                 Sept. 11

Find out how to Develop and Care Aeonium Arboreum Plant

You possibly can plant aeoniums within the backyard at any time. These crops develop slowly, and it may take so long as 5 years earlier than they produce flowers from the facilities of their rosettes. Often, aeoniums are monocarpic, which suggests the mom plant dies after flowering, however the pups (shoots) proceed to develop.

Rising from cuttings

Reduce aeoniums within the spring to propagate them from cuttings, as is the case with many succulents. Roots can readily take maintain within the surrounding soil even when the stems fall off the plant. You must reduce the younger stem piece containing the leaf rosette off utilizing a really sharp, clean-cutting device. For about three days, place the chopping facet down in a dry, heat, and shady spot till the reduce ends have healed. It is very important have a callous on the chopping in order that it prevents root rot as soon as it has been planted.

 Fill a small pot with drainage holes with a mixture of half-regular potting soil and half-succulent or cactus potting combine. Utilizing the potting combine, poke the severed, calloused finish into it simply deep sufficient so it will probably stand upright. Make certain it receives vivid, oblique daylight, and water it evenly each week. Earlier than you water your plant, permit it to dry out within the high two inches of soil as soon as it has developed sturdy roots. If mandatory, you may repot it into a bigger container.

aeonium arboreum


It’s supreme that the plant receives 5 to 6 hours of vivid daylight per day. Equally to most succulents, aeoniums want full solar to partial shade to thrive. The brightest window in your house is the very best place to your Aeonium arboreum crops if you happen to preserve them inside. In extremely humid climates or deserts, gentle shading could also be wanted.


It’s higher to make use of a sandy loam or common potting combine amended with perlite quite than one created particularly for succulents or cacti, since aeoniums require moisture. The drainage will likely be enhanced if the soil incorporates supplies similar to perlite, sand, and different minerals in at the least 50 p.c. A better mineral content material will improve drainage. 


The highest layer of soil of your aeoniums ought to solely be watered when it feels fairly dry. They often want watering about as soon as every week. It’s best to cut back the quantity of water in the summertime when they’re dormant. A month-to-month watering needs to be ample through the summer time. They like much less water than most succulents, however loads of moisture or soil that’s too moist will trigger root rot.


Aeoniums are finest grown in temperatures between 40°F and 100°F (4°C and 38°C). They like a Mediterranean local weather not too scorching, not too chilly, and never too dry. Whereas they’re able to survive for brief intervals of time in 25-degree climate, they can’t deal with lengthy winter freezes with out turning into popsicles.


The most effective fertilizer to make use of on them is a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half energy. In winter and spring, Aeonium arboreum crops develop finest, so it’s the finest time to fertilize them. It’s fantastic to fertilize them as much as as soon as a month through the rising season. Aeonium arboreum crops don’t require fertilizer through the summer time as a result of they’re dormant then.

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