Get Rid of Blue Jays at Your Feeders

Liberate your feeders on your favourite small songbirds by studying the way to do away with blue jays. A technique is to provide blue jays their very own chicken feeder!

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Get Rid of Blue Jays

Sure, they’re stunning and recognizable, however blue jays are recognized for inflicting a ruckus at feeders. They’re exceptionally sensible, so it’s not simple to trick them with fancy jay-proof feeders. The very best wager for the way to do away with blue jays is to provide them house and a feeder of their very own. Serve peanuts in a feeder or put sunflower seeds in a big hopper feeder in an remoted space.

“I name blue jays ‘stunning bully birds’ as a result of they will empty a peanut feeder in lower than an hour. I take advantage of a caged peanut feeder to permit solely smaller birds, like chickadees, nuthatches and downy woodpeckers, to feed. The jays get their very own cage-free peanut feeder,” says Deanna Frautschi, Bloomington, Illinois.


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One other tip to do away with blue jays is to feed nyjer thistle seed. Blue jays, like lot of bully birds, have a tendency to go away this seed alone. Try the three kinds of seed and feeders birds love finest.

Starlings, grackles, blue jays and the odd magpie come to my feeders and in addition cease for water. As an alternative of discouraging them, I unfold a number of feeders stuffed with several types of seed across the yard,” says Ken Orich, Lethbridge, Alberta.

“We attempt to accommodate all the birds, however it appears that evidently in numerous circumstances any chicken generally is a bully! My mourning doves are the bullies of the tray feeder. And I’ve even seen a titmouse chase Carolina wrens from the mealworms,” says Boni Trombetta, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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