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Konrad Hellfeuer

Konrad Hellfeuer

Konrad Hellfeuer is a post-modern illustrator and photographer, at the moment residing in Saxony, Germany. Each visceral and summary in artwork expression, his work eschews on digital for extra nostalgic and kooky expression that print – significantly postcards – espouse as each medium and the message. And what precisely is the message that Hellfeuer imparts by way of his work? To carry higher sensitivity in direction of the exterior world, and the way that then shapes people by way of feelings, emotions, moods and basic states of consciousness. Lao-Tzu, historical Chinese language thinker and reputed writer of Tao Te Ching, stated ‘the 5 colors make a person blind, the 5 tones make a person deaf’. Konrad helps his viewers to see and listen to.

Konrad Hellfeuer 4x4

Horse Play is a visible metaphor disseminated throughout 4 images, every composed of the subtlety to be discovered solely within the stillness of nature. A state of grace, of existence and being with out thought – with out idea of any previous or future – solely the current, the everlasting now. It’s this infinite and boundless state that excites me as a nature photographer, to amplify on that stillness for my viewers to (additionally) be witness to the stillness and charm of nature itself.





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