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Have you ever been questioning how usually to water spider crops? On this put up, you’ll study the easiest way to find out when to water your Chlorophytum comosum, generally generally known as spider plant or airplane plant.

Hold studying to study all of the pitfalls and risks of frequent recommendation and discover ways to correctly water your spider plant as soon as and for all.



Listed below are 5 actually essential suggestions which can be essential to think about when watering your spider plant.

Make sure you learn every part by way of since these are the commonest pitfalls or struggles that I’ve discovered most individuals have when watering their indoor crops.

The primary 2 suggestions embrace what NOT to do, and the remainder of the guidelines will assist you to decide precisely when to water your spider plant.


Probably the most harmful, and quite common, watering ways is to make use of a strict watering schedule. Usually occasions it’s the “as soon as every week” schedule that individuals advocate.

Whereas an everyday checkpoint is nice, it is best to solely use it to find out IF your spider plant ought to be watered, versus the schedule being adopted blindly.

This isn’t what most individuals wish to hear, however the reply to “how usually ought to I water my spider plant” is, you guessed it…it relies upon. Why does it rely?


All of our circumstances are totally different so WHEN we water our spider plant will naturally fluctuate.

All of those components have an effect on how rapidly your potting combine dries out: pot dimension, pot kind, potting combine kind, the quantity of sunshine that your plant acquired, temperatures inside your own home, humidity, and so forth. Here’s a fast rundown:

  • Pot dimension issues. Small pots will dry out extra rapidly than massive pots.
  • Pot kind issues. Pot varieties like terra cotta will dry out far more rapidly than plastic pots or ceramic pots.
  • Your potting combine kind additionally issues. Chunkier potting mixes will dry out far more rapidly, however a well-draining soil is a should.
  • The quantity of sunshine is essential and impacts the well being of your plant and the way effectively it makes use of water.
  • Cooler temperatures scale back the speed at which your spider plant makes use of water.
  • Mature crops which can be very root certain may even want much more frequent watering.

Not solely do all our circumstances fluctuate, however even inside our house, rising circumstances will fluctuate all year long. Summer time months versus winter months have drastically totally different gentle ranges, and thus, impacts how rapidly the soil dries out.

All of those components change the watering frequency that your plant wants, so that you’ll need to be adaptable.

For instance crops rising in excessive gentle and heat temperatures would require extra a lot common watering than a plant rising in low gentle and cooler temperatures.



One of many largest pitfalls I’ve seen with many plant dad and mom is using soil moisture meters. For those who haven’t began utilizing one, I’d advocate avoiding them.

Most of the cheap ones are simply too junky and never dependable.

I’ve seen too many individuals kill their crops on account of utilizing a defective moisture meter. All too usually, the meter will learn “moist” when the potting combine feels actually dry to the contact.

And when individuals belief the defective moisture meter, they may proceed to not water and ultimately kill their plant.

Spare your self the frustration and throw away the moisture meter. What do you have to do as an alternative?


One of the simplest ways to find out when to water your spider plant is just by utilizing a finger check to evaluate the soil moisture.

Spider crops don’t like dry soil and can reply with yellow leaves (notably the decrease ones first) and your whole plant drooping if stored dry for too lengthy.

Merely take your finger and insert it into the floor of your potting combine.

As a common rule of thumb, permit the highest inch of the soil to dry out earlier than watering once more. So long as your plant is sitting in good gentle, this rule of thumb is strong.



Too many individuals are so afraid of “overwatering” and overly involved about including an excessive amount of water that they paradoxically find yourself doing the other: not including sufficient water and subsequently dehydrating their spider plant.

Don’t measure the quantity of water that you simply add to water your spider plant.

Your purpose is to totally moisten your spider plant’s potting soil, regardless how a lot water it takes, so be sure to circle your watering can throughout and maintain watering till all extra water drains away.

One caveat although. All the time be certain your pots have drainage holes so extra water can escape. Not having a drainage gap will run the chance of perpetually moist soil which may result in root rot.

I’m not saying that it’s unimaginable to develop crops in pots with out drainage, however it’s removed from very best. Why make your life any more durable?

Generally watering a dangling basket, which is how spider crops are sometimes grown (given their pure behavior of rising lengthy stolons with pups), might be difficult.

I like to hold my spider plant over a tub or within the bathe to be able to make watering simpler so that you simply’re not getting water throughout your flooring. When the water has drained utterly, I’ll place it again in its rising location.



This isn’t as essential because the earlier tip, however it’s one thing to think about when watering your spider plant. Spider crops are infamous for being delicate to fluoride in faucet water. This won’t kill your spider plant, however it might trigger brown tricks to type.

There are various different causes of brown leaf suggestions in spider crops, however fluoride toxicity is one in every of them.

So as to keep away from this, you possibly can merely use purified, filtered, or distilled water (don’t overlook to fertilize although). I like to make use of Dyna-Gro Develop (hyperlink to Amazon).

That is a tremendous fertilizer and I’ve been utilizing it on all of my houseplants for years.

For those who don’t wish to maintain shopping for jugs of distilled water, think about amassing rain water or utilizing filtered water.

One handy filtration system that I like is the ZeroWater filter.

It truly removes the vast majority of fluoride and that is fantastic for crops like spider crops, and others which can be delicate to faucet water components like Calatheas, Orchids, Bromeliads, Peace Lily, and extra.

The ZeroWater filter additionally removes a bunch of different components and makes your water virtually on par with distilled water. It even comes with a complete dissolved solids meter so you possibly can monitor the filter’s effectiveness and alter it when wanted.



It is a in style follow that many individuals make use of for pots that don’t have a drainage gap. The water will nonetheless accumulate on the backside of the pot and have nowhere to go, so I by no means advocate doing this.

If you wish to use an ornamental pot that doesn’t have a drainage gap, merely plant your spider plant in a pot with drainage holes and slip it into the ornamental pot that doesn’t have a drainage gap.

If you water, slip the plant out, water it, after which slip it again into the ornamental pot.


Crops want gentle to photosynthesize, and when you have your plant in dim gentle, it won’t use as a lot water and you could run the chance of holding your potting combine moist for too lengthy.

Situate your spider plan in entrance of a pleasant window that has brilliant gentle. These usually are not low gentle crops. Decrease gentle may end up in limp leaves that bend and aren’t as sturdy.

Home windows with no direct solar in any respect are wonderful, however spider crops will profit from a couple of hours of direct solar indoors.

An eastern-facing or western-facing window might be nice areas. An unobstructed south-facing window (within the northern hemisphere) are sunny and these are nice for spider crops as effectively.

Remember the fact that your plant will dry out far more rapidly and wish far more frequent watering in brilliant gentle, so use the finger check technique described earlier to find out when to water.


For finest outcomes, while you repot your spider plant, a very good rule of thumb is to solely go up one pot dimension. For instance, in case your plant is in a 4-inch diameter pot, go as much as a 6-inch pot.

For those who go a lot greater, the surplus soil quantity could trigger the potting combine to remain moist for too lengthy, particularly in case you don’t have your plant rising in brilliant sufficient gentle.

Spider crops would require fairly frequent repotting since they develop rapidly. The basis ball can turn out to be very tight, so in case your plant appears to be drying out much more rapidly than it used to, it might be root certain and it might be time for a brand new, greater pot.

That is one instance why following strict watering schedules ultimately fail. As crops turn out to be an increasing number of root-bound, they may dry out far more rapidly.



There are execs and cons to each of those strategies, however normally, I don’t advocate backside watering. The principle purpose is that repeated backside water will trigger a salt buildup within the soil of your plant.

Salts from fertilizers and minerals from faucet water will construct up and trigger hurt to your roots. For those who do prefer to backside water, just be sure you periodically flush with plain water (distilled or filtered can be finest).

There may be one occasion the place backside watering might be useful. In case your spider plant has dried out lots and also you go and prime water and the water appears to run straight by way of with little or no absorbing within the soil, backside watering can assist tremendously.

When utilizing a peat moss-based potting combine, in case you permit the combination to dry out utterly for too lengthy, the peat moss truly turns into hydrophobic, which implies it repels water.

So as to assist the potting combine settle for water correctly once more, you’ll both need to water it a number of occasions in a row, or use backside watering.

Merely place your spider plant pot in a couple of inches of standing water (sink, bucket, saucer) and depart it to soak up water by way of the drainage holes for an hour or two.

By capillary motion, water will transfer upwards into the pot and soak up water. Test in your plant after an hour or two, and your soil ought to now be sufficiently hydrated. At this level, if the floor of the pot nonetheless feels dry, merely prime water as soon as and you have to be good to go.

I hope you’ve loved this put up on how usually to water spider crops. Keep in mind that a strict schedule shouldn’t be used, however fairly, goal to water when your plant wants it, versus when a calendar tells you to.

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