How To Fertilize Indoor Vegetation: Methods To Feed Houseplants

3 indoor plants sit on a yellow table

Houseplants can profit from common feeding. Listed here are suggestions and proposals on how and when to fertilize indoor crops to maintain them wholesome and rising.

Are you a houseplant lover like me? In case you are, then you definately’re in the proper place! Even when you solely have 2 or 3 houseplants, sooner or later they’ll recognize some nourishment. Fertilizing indoor crops retains them wholesome and helps them to develop robust.

I lived on the California coast for 30 years and now dwell within the Arizona Desert. The upper humidity and even temperatures on the coast are a extra fascinating rising local weather for houseplants. The out of doors humidity right here in Tucson is commonly under 15% (subtropical and tropical houseplants favor it round or above 50%) and the air con in our houses dries out the air much more.

I didn’t have practically as many houseplants in San Francisco and Santa Barbara as I do now. I by no means used fertilizer then however fed them yearly with worm compost and compost.

Now that my houseplant assortment has grown by leaps (60+ and counting!), I made a decision it was a good suggestion to begin a fertilizer regime to up the ante on the nourishment issue. I need to make it simpler for my inexperienced infants and present them some love on this sizzling, dry local weather.

I’m sharing all of this with you in case you’re seeking a way to feed yours.

All About Fertilizing Home Vegetation

1 of my 3 ZZ Vegetation. Regardless that they’re robust as could be, I discover they profit from an everyday feeding routine.

When To Fertilize Indoor Vegetation

Spring and summer time are one of the best. For those who dwell in a local weather with temperate, hotter winters as I do, then into early fall is okay too. 

I cease fertilizing my crops in mid to finish of October as a result of they’re not actively rising at the moment. I allow them to be within the cooler, darker months and begin feeding once more in early March.

Fertilizing Indoor Vegetation in Winter

As I mentioned above, I don’t fertilize my indoor crops in winter as a result of it’s not their energetic rising season. I additionally in the reduction of on the watering frequency throughout this season.

Extra on Houseplant Care in Winter.

a collage with a small succulent garden & a small cactus garden side by side
I’ve fairly a couple of indoor succulents & cacti. I don’t fertilize them as usually as I do my tropical crops. I exploit the identical fertilizers (which you’ll examine additional on down) however do it 3 instances a 12 months at a diluted ratio.

How Usually To Fertilize Indoor Vegetation

It is dependent upon what you’re utilizing. Be certain and observe the directions on the label. An excessive amount of fertilizer just isn’t an excellent factor. It could trigger an extra of salt build-up which may result in root burn.

The rising season is lengthy right here in Tucson (March – October) so I in all probability fertilize for an extended interval than you’ll. Right here’s how usually I feed throughout that point:

I apply the worm castings/compost on the finish of March. I do 1 software each different 12 months. Extra particulars a couple of paragraphs down.

I exploit 2 fertilizers as soon as a month beginning in early March and ending the method on the finish of October. One month I’ll use Maxsea, the following month Develop Massive, and the following Maxsea, and many others. Each are water-soluble fertilizers.

Lots of the houseplant fertilizers say you may feed with each watering however I really feel as soon as a month for 7 months is sufficient. 

In case your crops are in low gentle, they’re not rising as a lot or as quick. In that case, fertilizing 2 or 3 instances a 12 months can be a lot.

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a woman holds a peperomia caperata ripple peperomia in a clay pot
My Ripple Peperomia (Peperomia caperata). This houseplant at all times seems to be nice!

Varieties Of Houseplant Fertilizers

You could find so many several types of fertilizer and indoor plant meals in the marketplace as of late that present the important vitamins houseplants want.

There are liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, and fertilizer sticks. Some are artificial fertilizers, others natural fertilizers, after which there are pure fertilizers like banana peels, espresso grounds, and egg shells.

Most houseplants like a balanced n-p-k ratio which can be listed on the fertilizer label. In a nutshell, Nitrogen is for foliage, adopted by Phosphorous for roots and flowering, and Potassium for general functioning (additionally good for flowering). 

Vegetation like bromeliads, orchids, and African Violets have totally different wants and like particular forms of meals.

Our houses could be robust environments for tropical and subtropical crops. To advertise wholesome progress, fight a nutrient deficiency, and maintain your crops robust, feeding them is useful.

The underside line is that one of the best kind and model of fertilizer is the one you want one of the best. You may simply change to a distinct fertilizer when you aren’t seeing outcomes as a result of there are such a lot of accessible. Or, you may alternate between two manufacturers as I do.

a air plants sit on top of a pewter candlestick with a starfish at the base
Air Vegetation are bromeliads & don’t require a lot if any fertilizing. There are particular fertilizers that you just spray on when you really feel yours may gain advantage.

3 Methods I Feed Houseplants

1. Worm compost/Compost

That is the way in which I’ve fed my houseplants for years. I now use a regionally produced worm compost in addition to a neighborhood compost. Each are natural and supply useful micro-organisms to extend microbial exercise within the soil. 

These pure elements work in symbiosis with plant roots to supply mineralization, make crops stronger, and add to general well being. Identical to a wholesome microbiome is sweet for us people, it’s good for the soil too.

For a 6″ develop pot, I apply a 1/4″ layer of the worm compost with a 1/4″ layer of compost over that. For a 14″ develop pot, I apply a 1/2 – 1″ layer of every. Straightforward does it, use small quantities regardless that this can be a pure technique to feed houseplants. You may nonetheless overdo it.

I apply the worm compost/compost duo in early spring each when the climate is warming. I used to do it yearly, however now I’ve switched to each different 12 months.

As I say, pleased soil, pleased crops!

For extra, right here is the complete information: Find out how to Feed Houseplants Naturally With Worm Compost & Compost

2. Develop Massive

For years I used Eleanors VF-11. It’s a non-burning system (many business fertilizers could cause root burn) that may feed the foliage in addition to the roots. As of the tip of 2020, it’s been unavailable regardless that their web site continues to be up.

I’ve switched to Develop Massive which helps vegetative progress (good for leafy houseplants!) and enhances plant measurement and construction. It’s a liquid fertilizer additionally and may be very straightforward to make use of.

3. Maxsea All Purpose16-16-16

That is one other widespread plant meals. My good friend in San Francisco has used this all-purpose granular fertilizer for a few years and swears by it. 

It’s a balanced seaweed system with over 60 acknowledged components and micronutrients all of that are useful to crops. It advantages the foliage and promotes robust, vigorous progress. 

It’s a balanced NPK system (16-16-16) that are the three main vitamins crops like. In a nutshell, the first is Nitrogen for foliage, adopted by Phosphorous for roots and flowering, and Potassium for general functioning (additionally good for flowering). 

Different fertilizers/meals I’ve used and preferred: Liquid Kelp, Superthrive (these are nutritional vitamins you should use along with fertilizer), and Fish Sh!t.

Word: You should utilize worm compost, compost, Develop Massive, and Maxsea on out of doors crops in containers and within the backyard additionally.

a dracaena lemon surprise, baby rubber plant, & pink agalonema sit on a counter with a red watering can & a jar of fertilizer
A couple of of my houseplants awaiting their month-to-month feeding. I’ve had this watering can for six years now & it’s sturdy, non-breakable & will get the job carried out!

Different Fertilizers For Houseplants

So many forms of fertilizers and plant meals which can be accessible to us as of late. The place to start?!

I’ve under no circumstances tried a lot of them. I need to embrace another fertilizers/plant meals that pals have used or which can be widespread in case you need to give one or two of them a attempt.

They embrace Joyful Filth, Espoma, Neptunes Harvest, Miracle Gro, Osmocote, Jobe’s, and Superthrive.

Searching for a brand new watering can? Listed here are our 5 Faves: Small Indoor Watering Cans

How To Fertilize Indoor Vegetation Video Information

Suggestions For Fertilizing Indoor Vegetation

Don’t Overdo It

An excessive amount of fertilizer can burn the roots of crops if the focus is simply too robust or when you apply it too usually. Within the backyard, salts leach out of the soil simpler than in a small develop pot.

For instance; in case your houseplant is trying unhappy, and the fertilizer requires a ratio of 1 oz per gallon, don’t up it to 4 oz per gallon pondering you’ll assist the plant.

To play it secure, you should use fertilizers or indoor crops at 1/2 energy to keep away from burn.

Don’t Fertilize A Plant That Is Bone Dry And Burdened (wilting or drooping)

Water it as you usually would and let it recuperate earlier than fertilizing.

Pay Consideration To The Lighting

In case your crops are in low gentle, fertilize them much less usually. The expansion is slower and so is the speed at which the soil dries out.

close up of beautiful phalaenopsis orchids with plum & white flowers
Phalaenopsis Orchids are fantastic flowering houseplants. To maintain them trying good and to get them to bloom once more, they profit from feeding. An orchid grower advisable this orchid meals to me as a result of it’s urea free. I used it once I grew orchids in Santa Barbara.

Fertilizing Houseplants FAQS

Ought to I fertilize my indoor crops in winter?

I don’t. Vegetation relaxation within the winter months and resume energetic progress in spring. Therefore the time period spring progress!

Is fertilizer vital for indoor crops?

It isn’t vital however they’d recognize it and their general well being can be higher and stronger. Because the potting soil will get older, the necessity for fertilization will increase.

Plus, a wholesome plant can higher struggle off ailments, pest infestations, and many others

When ought to I fertilize houseplants?

Spring and summer time are finest in most climates.

How usually ought to I give my houseplants meals?

Learn what the label on the jar, bottle, or bundle says and observe that. I feed my crops as soon as a month of their energetic rising season.

When is one of the best time of day to fertilize houseplants?

I’m undecided if it issues. Maybe there have been some research on this however I haven’t learn any.

I fertilize my crops within the morning or afternoon as a result of that works for me. In addition to, I can see the pot and soil higher within the daylight!

What does fertilizer burn appear like?

You’ll see burned leaf edges (brown edges), brown or yellow leaf discoloration, the brand new progress can be smaller, and/or the plant wilts.

If the burn isn’t too unhealthy, you must be capable to flush the salts out of the soil with water. The plant might or might not recuperate, relying on the harm to the basis programs. It’s possible you’ll have to repot your plant into recent soil combine.

Are you able to over-fertilize Indoor crops?

You positive can! Much less fertilizer is best than extra fertilizer. An excessive amount of fertilizer (the quantity and/or frequency) results in root harm.

What’s the finest fertilizer ratio for indoor crops?

Vegetation like orchids, bromeliads (together with air crops), and African Violets profit from specialised meals.

The vast majority of tropical and subtropical indoor crops like balanced npk (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) ratios of 15-15-15 or 20-20-20.

What’s the finest do-it-yourself fertilizer for

Truthfully, I’ve extra expertise with this topic in regard to backyard crops and never houseplants.

The do-it-yourself fertilizers that I’m conversant in are created from eggshells, espresso grounds, and banana peels. If I have been to make use of any of them for indoor crops, I make them into tea.

many different houseplants sit on a work table in front of a garage
Only for enjoyable! Listed here are a couple of of the numerous indoor crops I purchased on a San Diego street journey final summer time. The automotive was packed!

Word: This publish was revealed on 10/3/2020. It was up to date on 11/22/2022 with extra data & new pictures.

The perfect fertilizer alternative is as much as you. Whether or not you select 1, 2, or 3 of those strategies of fertilizing indoor crops, they are going to be happier. Keep in mind, don’t go overboard with the fertilizing!

Comfortable gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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