How To Repot Succulents Indoors & Outdoor

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Succulents, particularly the smaller ones, don’t have an intensive root system. They’re glad to remain in the identical pot for some time, however in some unspecified time in the future will must be transplanted into a brand new pot. This information to repotting succulents offers you particulars together with why, when, how, and extra.

I’m speaking about shifting one plant from one pot to a different one, most frequently instances an even bigger pot. These identical ideas apply once you plant a number of succulents into a number of planters in addition to once you plant rooted succulent cuttings.

Succulents do greatest in a particular potting combine. The combination you employ ought to have good drainage, be nicely aerated, and light-weight in weight to make sure a wholesome succulent.

Right here’s a put up devoted to Succulent Soil with all the main points it’s worthwhile to know.

Repotting Succulents Information

2 hands hold an empty plant grow pot & a miniature pine tree succulent in a pot
When repotting succulents, I nearly at all times go up 1 pot dimension. My Miniature Pine Tree is in a 4″ pot, & it’s going right into a 6″ develop pot.

Causes To Repot Succulents

The pot your succulent is rising in is simply too small. The roots could also be popping out of the drain gap, it’s root certain, and/or the plant is exhibiting indicators of stress.

The succulent has fallen or been knocked over and has come out of the pot. 

It’s rising in outdated soil. The succulent has been within the authentic pot for years, and though it could not want an even bigger pot, it could admire a contemporary soil combine.

The soil combination is now not holding water. An instance could be a Low Planter Bowl filled with succulents which have grown tightly and isn’t capable of soak up the water.

The succulent has been overwatered and it’s not drying out. Usually it may be saved by planting in a brand new combine.

The succulent is out of scale with the present pot and desires an even bigger base. Taller rising succulents get top-heavy and may lean.

The brand new succulent you’ve simply introduced house is in a heavy combine and also you wish to repot it right into a succulent combine to stop overwatering.

The cuttings have rooted and want a brand new residence.

Need to be taught extra about how one can take care of succulents indoors? Take a look at these guides!

close up of chunky succulent soil mix
The succulent combine I take advantage of may be very chunky, mild, & aerated. You wish to use a well-draining soil combine to make sure your succulent’s roots dry out in between waterings & don’t keep persistently moist. Damp soil will do a succulent in!

When To Repot Succulents

The perfect time is spring and summer season. Early spring via early fall is ok in case you’re in a local weather with delicate winters.

That being mentioned, I repotted a succulent in January as a result of it fell and the pot broke. It grew simply positive; simply know that the hotter months are optimum.

What Measurement Pot To Use

Until I’m planting a number of crops into 1 pot to create Succulent Backyard, I am going up one dimension to a barely bigger pot as a normal rule of thumb. For instance, from a 2″ or 3″ to a 4″ pot and from a 4″ to a 6″ pot.

This doesn’t have something to do with dimension, nevertheless it’s greatest to have drainage holes on the underside of the container so the water can readily stream out.

How Usually To Repot

Succulent crops don’t want yearly repotting. Each 3 – 6 years might be positive, relying on how the succulent is rising and the pot dimension.

Repotting Succulents Into Pots With No Drain Holes

I did a put up on this topic a number of years in the past. It has just lately been up to date with a brand new video added.

You’ll discover our information on Repotting & Caring For Succulents In Pots With out Drain Holes to be useful in case you discover that particular container that doesn’t have any.

Supplies Wanted

  • New container, normally a bigger one.
  • Succulent soil combine. Right here’s the DIY Succulent Combine Recipe I take advantage of. Bonsai Jack is a very fashionable combine you should purchase on-line, in addition to the Succulent Cult, Superfly Bonsai, & Dr. Earth.
  • Trowel, cup, or plastic container for scooping the combination.
  • Paper to cowl drain holes in the event that they’re giant or there are loads of them.
  • Amendments. These natural supplies are non-obligatory however I at all times add a small quantity of compost & worm compost when planting my succulents.
a dancing bones succulent in a patterned terra cotta pot sits next to an empty red ceramic pot
My Dancing Bones Cactus was planted within the purple ceramic with no drainage holes for 3 years. It was time to get it in an even bigger pot with a drain gap. I’ve since planted a beautiful Mistletoe Cactus within the purple pot.

Steps To Repotting Succulents

Water the succulent 5-7 days earlier than repotting. You don’t need bone-dry soil or to have it soaking moist.

Put a skinny layer of paper over the drain gap(s). I used outdated espresso filters till they ran out and now use a layer of newspaper. This retains the sunshine combine from leaking out the underside.

Have the brand new soil all able to go. I preserve my Succulent And Cactus Combine in a low bin with handles. It’s a transportable potting station I can transfer round to wherever I’m doing the repotting.

Loosen the foundation ball from the outdated pot by urgent on the perimeters. This works for me when working with smaller succulents. If it’s cussed and never popping out because of being rootbound, then run a knife across the perimeter of the pot. In case that doesn’t do the job, lower the plastic develop pot to get the rootball out. I’ve solely needed to break a terra cotta pot one time as a result of I couldn’t get the dang plant out – final resort!

Therapeutic massage the rootball, if wanted, to untighten the roots.

Measure the depth of the foundation ball by placing it in or subsequent to the brand new pot. This manner you know the way a lot combine to place in that new pot to lift it up.

TIP: I increase the rootball up 1/2″ or so above the highest of the brand new, bigger container. Succulents retailer water of their leaves and stems so most have a little bit of weight to them. It will finally pull the plant down a bit within the mild combine over time. A 6″ Aloe Vera is heavier than a 6″ String Of Pearls so I’d have the previous up a bit increased. You don’t need the crown of the rootball to sink beneath the highest of the soil. 

Add extra combine across the sides of the rootball. I add a little bit of Compost And Worm Compost when the extent will get up close to the highest. Simple does it, 1/4 – 1/2″ layer is ok for a 4″pot dimension. 

Press down on the succulent potting combine as you go. You additionally could must press on the prime to get the succulent to face up straight.

This doesn’t occur usually, but when the plant is top-heavy, it’s a good suggestion to stake it whereas the roots take maintain.

Right here’s a put up devoted to Succulent Soil with all the main points it’s worthwhile to know.

2 hands take a miniature pine tree succulent out of its grow pot over a bin of succulent soil mix
I squeezed on the pot & turned it the other way up to get the rootball out.
2 hands in acton are repotting a miniature pine tree succulent
Filling in with extra combine. I gently press down on the combination as I repot as a result of it’s very mild. At this level, I may have to lift the plant up a bit extra.

Repotting Succulents Video Information

Succulent Care After Repotting

Put your repotted succulents in a location with vibrant, pure mild. That is perhaps the spot they had been rising in earlier than the repotting.

Remember to preserve them out of scorching, direct daylight and out of chilly or scorching drafts.

Don’t water your repotted succulents straight away. Maintain the soil dry for as much as per week whereas they settle in. 

Water the combination completely. If the combination is mild and aerated accurately, the surplus water will instantly stream out the drain holes to stop water retention.

Resume watering as you usually would.

Are you new to succulent gardening? Right here’s our information on How To Water Succulents Indoors that you just’ll discover useful.

close up of a small calico hearts succulent plant in a patterned terra cotta pot
You could not have the ability to inform right here, however the root ball of this Calico Hearts sits a bit increased than the highest of the soil. It’s a small plant, however these plump heart-shaped leaves add weight to the plant.

Good To Know About Succulent Repotting

When repotting extra delicate succulents, it’s important to watch out. A few of the leaves will simply fall off within the repotting course of. I’ve finished a put up and video on this. Additionally, there’s data right here about Propagating Succulents By Leaf Cuttings if you wish to put these fallen leaves to good use. 

Succulents do greatest in pots with drainage holes. This ensures that water flows out and doesn’t construct up within the backside which may result in moist soil and in the end root rot.

I wish to plant succulents in pots with a number of drain holes. If there’s just one small drain gap, add a layer (an inch or two) of pebbles, charcoal, and many others to stop the underside of the combination from staying too moist.

If there are a number of drain holes or 1 massive drain gap, I wish to cowl them with paper to stop the contemporary combine from flowing out. I take advantage of a toothpick or the tip of a knife to puncture a small gap within the paper so the water runs out however the combine stays in.

Use succulent and cactus soil combine. This helps to make sure your succulents will develop efficiently. Common potting soil holds an excessive amount of water and this might result in root rot.

Many individuals ask when to repot succulents after shopping for. Until the soil seems actually unhealthy or the pot is simply too small, I depart them be for some time.

Solely go up one pot dimension when repotting, until the succulent is tall or very heavy like a Pencil Cactus or a Jade Plant.

Don’t sink the foundation ball crown beneath the extent of the soil combine. It’s greatest to plant it barely above as a result of the burden of the plant will finally pull it down.

Let your succulents settle within the dry new combine for 3-7 days earlier than watering. I’ll water a succulent with skinny stems like String Of Pearls prior to most of my succulents with extra substantial stems.

looking down into a patterned terra cotta pot with clay pebbles in the bottom
If a pot has no drainage gap or is a bit deeper than I’d prefer it to be, I add clay pebbles on the underside to facilitate drainage & preserve the roots from hitting any water that is perhaps build up within the backside of the pot.

1. Sempervivum Sandi Lu // 2. Echeveria Lola // 3. Sempervivum saturn // 4. Haworthia cooperi var. truncata // 5. Corpuscularia lehmannii // 6. Sempervivum tectorum // 7. Haworthia attenuata // 8. Echeveria Fleur Blanc // 9. Echeveria albicans

Repotting succulents isn’t arduous in any respect. After you repot 1 or 2, you’ll have it down!

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