How To Set up Crops

Our Plant Guarantee:

Crops with an professionally set up irrigation system and controller carry a 90 day guarantee. That is normally lengthy sufficient for any points associated to the plant, or its set up, to manifest. Issues past this timeframe are usually associated to care (or lack thereof).

Crops with no irrigation and transplanted vegetation usually carry no guarantee.

If a plant is roofed by the guarantee and it dies, we substitute it with one thing comparable in dimension to the unique plant, assuming it’s obtainable.

If a plant is roofed by the guarantee and it shocks (however doesn’t die), we’ll substitute it at our discretion. Many vegetation get better from shock shortly and inside a season or two look as if nothing had occurred to them. Different vegetation, conifers primarily, take years to get better. We gained’t stick you with a plant that can take years to get better!

In case your vegetation are below guarantee, please take note of them and tell us if they begin struggling so we may also help you save them.

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