How you can Open A Sacred House

To the Winds of the North

Saywarkintey, Royal Hummingbird, Huanakari,

To the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who’ve come earlier than us and all those that will come after us, our youngsters’s kids’s kids:

Come! Be right here with us now as we do that work.

Ancestors and Historic Ones, heat your fingers by our fireplace, whisper your knowledge in our ears.

Hummingbird, assist us be nonetheless amidst the chaos of the skin world so we will drink deeply of the sweetness and knowledge that surrounds us.

Wolf, chief of the Clan of Lecturers, please exit and collect our best academics and ask them to take a seat in council with us, serving to us bear in mind and embrace the teachings we set for ourselves on this lifetime.

To the Winds of the East,

Apuchine, Hatun Kuntur, Huaman, Hatun Tuku: Eagle, (Nice) Condor, Hawk, and (Nice) Owl:

Come! Be right here with us now as we do that work.

Educate us fly wing-to-wing with Nice Spirit, excessive among the many Apus, the Sacred Mountains, so we will look down on our lives and our destinies and se our experiences from a distinct perspective. Assist us see the alternatives earlier than us and decide up the strand of future that calls to our coronary heart most brilliantly. Please be part of us, Historic Ones—our private, sacred mountains—in addition to all the Appalachians, the Andes, the Rockies, the Himalayas, Uluru, Mount Fuji, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Caucasus, the Pyrenees, the Scottish Highlands and Irish Cliffs, and all of the mountains from all around the world. Please shield our drugs house and convey us your amassed knowledge.

To the Winds of the South,

Sachamama, Nice Serpent, Amaru:

Come! Be right here with us as now we do that work.

Wrap your coils of golden mild round us,

Assist us shed our fears and worries, our previous beliefs and prejudices, or no matter could weigh us down or maintain us again from being the brightest expressions of our true selves. Assist us shed these, simply as you shed your pores and skin.

Remind us to stroll gently upon Mom Earth, delicate to and conscious of our connection to Her.

Porcupine! Infant, please be part of us as properly. Convey us your qualities of belief and religion, innocence and playfulness, all of the whereas reminding us that we’ve the flexibility (and duty) to set and preserve efficient and applicable boundaries.

To the Winds of the West,

Otorongo, Mom/Sister Jaguar, Choquachinchay, Rainbow Jaguar, you who makes the nice journey from this world to the subsequent, and again once more; Grandmother and Grandfather Bear, keepers of the knowledge that resides inside all of us:

Come and be part of us on this work.

Guard our drugs house as we journey into the darkish unknown, discovering and exploring what we could have hidden from ourselves; give us the eyes to see and the ears to listen to that which can help us in understanding ourselves and our goal right here on Earth. You’ve gotten seen the beginning and demise of universes, so come and assist us die to the previous methods of being that not serve us.

Remind us that, with you by our aspect, we’ve nothing to concern.

Above all, assist us strategy this work and reside our lives with the highest integrity and impeccability.

Pachamama, Danu, Gaia, Candy Mom Earth:

You’re the Mom who by no means leaves us.

You feed us, dress us, and shelter us. You present us with every thing we want not solely to reside however to thrive.

We honor you and ask you to affix with us, consciously, not solely to heal ourselves, however to heal all of your kids, two-legged, four-legged, many-legged, no-legged, winged ones, furred ones, finned ones, stone individuals, plant individuals, standing tall individuals—all. We provide the therapeutic advantages of our work to All Our Relations to make use of as they’re keen and ready. Aho mitakuye oasin.

Spirits of the Land the place we reside and the place we’re at this second: Thanks for all you do to ke p our houses and areas in steadiness. Thanks for inviting us to reside, work, and play right here. Please, take your house by our fireplace and permit the work performed and perception achieved inside this Sacred House to cleanse, profit, and heal you—and this land—as properly.

Intitayta, Mama Kia, Hatun Chaskas (Father Solar, Grand- mom Moon, Brothers and Sisters of the Nice Star Nations), Illatixi, Wiracocha, Wakan Tanka, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm, God, Goddess, All That Is, You Who Are Recognized by a Thousand Names, and You Who Are the Unnameable:

Please come, shine Your mild down upon us,

Illuminate our hearts, minds, our bodies, and fill us together with your knowledge, your perception, your unconditional love and compassion. Assist us really feel your forgiveness and peace, in addition to pleasure and gratitude for being allowed to reside yet another day in magnificence and charm.

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