Is an Albino or Leucistic Robin Uncommon?

It is thrilling to see a hen with distinctive plumage, however how uncommon is an albino or leucistic robin? Our consultants share details about white robins.

White Robins: Leucistic or Albino?

Leucistic American RobinCarol Hamilton/Getty Pictures
The white patches protecting this American robin are a touch that it’s leucistic.

For 2 years in a row, a white American robin briefly confirmed up at my birdbath. How uncommon is it, and do you suppose it could possibly be the identical hen? —Birds & Blooms reader Susan Jacobsen of New Berlin, Wisconsin

Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman: For some purpose, the shortage of pigment within the feathers—known as leucism or albinism—appears to happen extra usually in robins than in most different birds. (Try these dazzling white hummingbirds!) However it’s nonetheless uncommon, affecting about one out of each 30,000 robins, in keeping with some estimates. So there’s likelihood you noticed the identical hen twice, somewhat than two totally different ones.

Particular person robins are usually trustworthy to sure places, returning to the identical locations in summer time, winter and even throughout migration, so it’s doable that you just would possibly see your particular customer once more.

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albino robin white robin leucistic robinCourtesy Sweet Brus
This robin is usually white however it isn’t albino.

“Is that this American robin leucistic?” asks Sweet Brus of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kenn and Kimberly: Sure, it is a good instance of the results of leucism on a hen’s plumage. This robin isn’t a real albino, as a result of it has darkish eyes, a vivid yellow invoice and a few areas of regular grey and orange rufous in its feathers. However it’s missing a lot of the pigment in its plumage, creating this placing principally white hen.

Leucism happens repeatedly in American robins, however it’s a uncommon and particular expertise any time you get to see one like this.

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Leucistic Robin Sightings

leucistic robin

Courtesy Martha Chavez

“I used to be completely enchanted once I noticed an American robin with partial albinism (above) final fall. Winter handed, and I wasn’t certain if I might see this particular leucistic hen once more. I used to be so pleased when it reappeared in my yard as soon as March arrived!” says reader Martha Chavez.

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leucistic robin

Courtesy Sue Moore

“As soon as, in early spring, I let my canine out and noticed a flash of white. Understanding there aren’t any birds on this space of Minnesota which can be white, I made a decision to research. On nearer inspection, it appeared like {a partially} albino male robin (above). As an alternative of flying off, he caught round for over every week, sitting within the treetops and singing his coronary heart out. Fairly an uncommon sight!” says Sue Moore.

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