Is It Too Late For Pre-Emergent?

It’s mid-March, the clocks have sprung ahead and sundown is nicely after 7:30PM now. I’m already benefiting from the extra yard time after work, getting some a lot wanted pruning completed.

The times are longer too, nearly as much as a full 12 hours of day size! The extra daylight out there means the extra your grass can seize it for photosynthesis. That’s a set off for it to get up and begin rising.

Longer days additionally imply the soil is heating up and that’s what drives our technique for pre-emergents to cease crab grass. Soil temperatures inform us when to use prodiamine.

You probably have not already, go obtain my free pre-emergent information that gives you particulars on the technique total.


Soil Temperature Milestones

We do prodiamine “break up functions” in my methods. Break up functions imply we apply 2 “lighter” functions of prodiamine in spring moderately than 1 “heavy” therapy. I choose the break up functions technique as a result of it offers you a hedge towards unexpected circumstances that might reduce the effectiveness of your utility.

The primary utility goes down as soil temperatures cross 50F heading to 55F and the second goes down as they rise previous 65F heading to 70F. As soon as soil temps cross 80F the window closes and there’s no extra want to use.

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50F – 55F Soil Temperatures

We will have a look at a couple of areas throughout the nation which are sitting within the excellent window to get that first utility of prodiamine down. I’m wanting on the 5 day common because the marker for the milestone. (that is completed for you in my app)

Tulsa and Nashville are completely within the window now – time to throw down!

Norfolk and Louisville are proper there too – simply approaching the proper time to use, Thrower Down and hope for the very best!

Is It Okay To Be Early?

We had a major early warm-up in February and soil temps have been fairly heat. Many of us utilized their prodiamine then – is that okay? The reply is sure! Being early is completely fantastic, particularly down right here within the south the place the bottom doesn’t actually freeze anyway.

Plus, with my technique, I’ve loads of redundancy inbuilt so in case you are early you continue to have loads of protection time.

Am I Late Then?

On the opposite facet of this equation are these of you who might imagine you’re late. For no matter motive you didn’t get your first utility down proper because the soil temps have been excellent, and also you’re questioning “Am I too late then?”

The reply is: you aren’t too late.

Bear in mind, crabgrass seeds germinate at soil temps between 55F and 80F. That’s an extended window of time that lasts all spring. We need to get 2 functions of prodiamine down inside that window.

When you’re a bit late and stop 90% of the issue, that actually is best than stopping none of it. You comply with that logic? Being a bit late continues to be performing some good!

The opposite factor about that’s that not the entire crabgrass seeds begin rising precisely on the similar time on the identical day. Some seeds could also be buried 3” down within the soil profile, others could also be 6” down, so the temps hit one prior to the opposite.

Some areas within the shade could keep a bit cooler vs these within the solar. After which water penetration will be totally different as nicely. All of those elements imply that seeds are just about in any respect phases of progress through the spring window.

Soil Temps Crossing 65F heading to 70F

Now let’s look a bit additional south. Many people are arising on our second utility of the season already! Appears loopy to most of you I’m positive however let’s have a look at the info.

Waco, TX and Montgomery, AL, you of us are proper within the window to use your second utility of prodiamine. You probably have not utilized any prodiamine but, it’s best to go forward and get began now. You probably did miss the primary one, nevertheless it’s higher to stop crabgrass from now onward whereas the spring window continues to be open. Bear in mind, stopping 50% of the crabgrass is best than stopping 0% of it. Throw’er Down!

Who’s Too Late for Pre-Emergent?

I’m right here in Bradenton, Fl – west coast of Florida simply south of Tampa Bay. My soil temps are hovering up over 80F the final a number of days. I’d say that in case you are dwelling right here the place I do, we at the moment are previous the window for prodiamine for the season. No want to use once more till the autumn time.

As an alternative, you’re finest to begin taking a look at submit emergent weed management to manage all of the weeds that you’re most likely seeing!

Here’s a video I made displaying you how one can combine and apply retailer purchased weed management.

I’ll see you within the garden!


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