Methods to Carry, Remedy, and Retailer Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are bulb flowers that brighten spring gardens with a rainbow of pastel to daring hues.

Some, like non-hybridized botanical species and Darwin and Emperor hybrids, come up faithfully yr after yr.

Different cultivated varieties carry out higher as annuals as a result of they’re bred to make a grand displaying the primary yr and don’t all the time return with equal vigor.

A close up vertical image of pink tulips growing in the spring garden, fading to soft focus in the background. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white printed text.

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Suited to USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 7, tulips thrive in full solar with common, well-draining soil.

In these Zones, bulbs enter dormancy at season’s finish and bloom once more the next spring, except they succumb to the next:

  • Foraging rodents
  • Frost heaving
  • Oversaturation

In the course of the winter months, when meals is scarce, burrowing rodents might feed on bulbs, totally consuming them or leaving them irreparably broken.

And though bulbs can stand up to winter’s chill, when the bottom freezes and thaws, they will heave up out of the earth and die from publicity to chilly, moisture, and wind.

As well as, bulbs might rot from pooling snowmelt, and poorly drained moisture in the summertime backyard.

Avoiding these perils is one solution to give your tulips a head begin on a lovely encore efficiency.

In our guides to choosing, rising, and caring for tulips, you’ll discover all you should know to domesticate these iconic spring flowers in your outside residing area.

This text discusses the method of lifting, curing, and storing bulbs to keep away from the potential pitfalls of low season time underground. It’s an non-compulsory facet of tulip upkeep.

Right here’s what we’ll cowl:

Let’s get able to raise!

Deadheading Spent Blooms

When flowers end blooming, start to fade, and drop petals, it’s time to deadhead or take away total blossom-bearing stems.

A close up horizontal image of spent tulip flowers in the spring garden.

Use clear pruners to sever the stems close to their factors of origin with out damaging the encircling foliage. Angle the cuts downwards to facilitate water runoff.

By eradicating these completed stems, you stop the setting of seed pods and redirect vitality again to the bulbs the place it’s saved for subsequent yr’s flowers.

When to Carry

Submit-bloom, the leaves stay lush and inexperienced. Please resist the temptation to chop them down and tidy up the backyard.

The foliage is critical for photosynthesis and contributes to the saved vitality wanted for a repeat bloom subsequent spring.

A close up vertical image of a gardener digging up tulip bulbs for curing and storage.

When summer time begins to warmth up, the leaves flip yellow after which brown. As soon as there’s no extra inexperienced, it’s time to raise or dig up the bulbs.

Right here’s how:

Use a pointed-tip backyard shovel to dig down eight to 10 inches round particular person bulbs or clumps.

Work your approach round and beneath them earlier than gently unearthing them. Do your greatest to keep away from tearing the protecting papery sheaths.

As soon as lifted, discard blemished, brittle, discolored, malodorous, or mushy ones. Use clear pruning shears to take away the remaining foliage and roots, and brush off the surplus soil.

When you’ve got conjoined bulbs, you possibly can divide them right now. The subsequent step is curing.

Methods to Remedy

As soon as lifted, pruned, brushed clear, and divided as desired, it’s time to let the bulbs remedy, a easy strategy of spreading them out in a single layer to dry fully earlier than storage.

A close up horizontal image of plastic containers filled with tulip bulbs for storage.

You need to use ventilated plastic bins or bins lined with newspaper to soak up extra moisture. Place the containers in a well-ventilated, dry location away from direct daylight.

Over the subsequent two to a few days, extra moisture will evaporate. If the climate is exceptionally moist, permit additional time to dry earlier than storing.

Off-Season Storage

As soon as dry, retailer the bulbs in mesh produce baggage. Insert bits of newspaper between them to stop touching and inhibit moisture buildup.

A close up vertical image of a mesh bag filled with tulip bulbs for storage, set on a white wooden surface.

Tag the baggage to establish the contents and droop them from hooks in a cool cellar, storage, or shed with dim mild and low humidity.

The temperature ought to dip to 40 to 50°F for at the least 12 weeks to imitate winter’s chill and induce spring blossoming.

It’s possible you’ll examine storing bulbs within the fridge, however the ever-present moisture and ethylene gasses produced by some vegetables and fruit make this a poor selection more likely to lead to rotting.

Pampered and Peril-Free

With the percentages stacked in opposition to a vigorous comeback, many gardeners raise bulbs at season’s finish to retailer them out of the bottom for the low season.

A close up horizontal image of yellow and white tulips growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

Non-hybridized botanical species, and hybrids like Darwin and Emperor, are the more than likely to return for a stellar encore show. Nevertheless, on account of rodent foraging, frost heaving, and oversaturation dangers, even probably the most sturdy varieties will not be proof against low season perils.

It’s time to take out your backyard planner and word the next:

Deadhead blooms as wanted within the spring.

Monitor the foliage in early summer time and raise when the leaves are now not inexperienced.

Remedy and retailer in a cool, darkish, dry location with at the least 12 weeks of 40 to 50ºF temperatures.

And eventually, as winter turns to spring, replant as quickly because the thawed floor permits.

Pamper your tulips with lifting, curing, and storing to keep away from the pitfalls of low season time underground, and luxuriate in their iconic blooms each spring.

Do you dig your tulips up or go away them within the floor? Please share your ideas within the feedback part under.

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