Superb Details About Wild Parrots and Parakeets

Sure, wild parrots reside in North America! Uncover attention-grabbing details about parrots, together with the monk parakeet and nanday parakeet.

Which Wild Parrots Dwell in North America?

Red Crowned AmazonParrotstarr/Getty Photos
Pink-crowned Amazon parrot

Monk parakeets, red-crowned Amazons and Nanday parakeets are the three most typical wild parrots within the U.S. None of those is a local North American hen species. Over time, nonetheless, their populations tailored to outlive in lots of cities. Pigeons did an analogous factor by studying learn how to survive in city environments.

Normally, these wild parrot populations doubtless began because of escaped birds meant for the pet commerce.

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The place Do Wild Parrots Dwell?

Monk Parakeetcynoclub/Getty Photos
Search for monk parakeets in city areas.

A lot of the 25 parrots which have bred in america reside in California, Florida and Texas. Pink-crowned Amazons solely have a inhabitants in southern Texas. Nanday parakeets reside typically within the Southwest and Florida. You will discover parrots farther north, too. Preserve a watch out for monk parakeets in lots of main U.S. cities comparable to Chicago, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

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Wild Parrot Sightings

monk parakeetCourtesy Maria Retzlaff
Monk parakeets are the commonest wild parrot seen by northern birders.

The monk parakeet is the commonest parrot that makes its dwelling within the northern U.S. By means of Audubon’s Christmas Fowl Depend and Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird, 42,981 sightings had been logged between 2002 and 2016.

Birders with eBird and Christmas Fowl Depend have noticed parrots in 43 states lately, often in parklands or suburban habitats. These birds principally reside in populated areas.

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Are There Any Native Wild Parrot Species in North America?

wild parrots, nanday parakeetShutterstock/Tracy Starr
Nanday parakeet 

Sadly, you gained’t discover North America’s solely two native parrots within the U.S. The Carolina parakeet went extinct within the Nineteen Twenties. The thick-billed parrot not visits the Southwest, however nonetheless resides in Mexico. Lately, 56 nonnative parrot species had been reported within the wild within the States.

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