Uncommon & Thrilling Philodendrons to Add to Your Assortment – Ted Lare

Philodendrons are sometimes confused with pothos and monstera, which is comprehensible contemplating all of them belong to the genus Arum of the plant household Araceae. Whereas it’s simple to inform the distinction between some varieties, others look remarkably comparable to one another. A simple solution to inform philodendrons from monstera is that philodendrons have pinnation (splits from the edges of the leaf to the backbone) relatively than fenestrations (round formed holes within the leaves) that are what you see in lots of monstera varieties. 

Climbing sorts of philodendron don’t resemble pothos a lot in any respect, which makes it simple to differentiate between the 2. Heartleaf philodendron (or philodendron cordatum) and philodendron brasil do resemble pothos, however when you recognize what to search for they’re nonetheless simple to determine. Vining sorts of philodendron have heart-shaped leaves (therefore the title) that are typically thinner and softer than pothos’ thick, waxy leaves which have straight edges relatively than curving inward. 

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