When and How you can Fertilize Fowl of Paradise

Sporting brightly-colored flowers that seem like a tropical chicken mid-flap, chicken of paradise definitely lives as much as its title.

A close up vertical image of a bird of paradise (Strelitzia) plant in bloom growing in the garden. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white printed text.

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It’s necessary to fertilize such a stunning plant appropriately.

In any other case, it’ll put out bird-esque blooms that gained’t have a look at all paradisiacal… and also you’ll simply be left with a chicken of “a less-than-idyllic place.” Not as engaging, nor as catchy.

However a correctly fertilized Strelitzia? *Chef’s kiss*… delectable.

This information offers the required know-how to provide a chicken of paradise with the diet it wants.

Plus, we’ll throw in some highly effective causes for feeding your vegetation, ought to a debilitating case of apathy strike whilst you’re finishing your gardening chores.

Right here’s all the things we’ll cowl up forward:

Why Fertilize a Fowl of Paradise?

Sustaining an exquisite backyard requires a good quantity of laborious work. And to really feel fulfilled by that labor, it’s necessary to know the aim behind all the things we do.

Let’s check out the explanations for feeding these lush tropical vegetation.


The engaging flowers and foliage of a Strelitzia come at a excessive metabolic price.

Moreover assembly their daylight and water necessities, a plethora of macro- and micronutrients are wanted to optimally produce and preserve all that progress.

A close up horizontal image of brightly colored bird of paradise flowers pictured on a soft focus background.

With out the required diet, deficiency signs present up as splitting, curling, browning, and chlorotic leaves, in addition to shoddy-looking blooms.

None of which make for a sexy backyard specimen.


Moreover a diminished look, malnutrition could cause stunted growth.

On the mobile stage, vegetation want numerous important parts similar to proteins, chlorophyll, and ribozymes to hold out the molecular processes of residing.

A close up horizontal image of a Strelitzia plant in bloom growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

Take these constructing blocks away, and cell operate is impaired. And whereas we are able to’t truly see impaired cells, we do discover the big-picture consequence: slowed and diminished progress.

Well being

Together with maintaining appearances and making certain vigorous progress, correct diet allows a plant to guard itself from pests and pathogens.

A close up horizontal image of a brightly colored bird of paradise (Strelitzia) flower pictured growing in a sunny garden with foliage in soft focus in the background.

Stressors similar to malnutrition add up in a plant, and every extra unit of stress makes the organism much less able to dealing with infestation or an infection.

However a properly-fed plant? Now that’s an organism that may higher deal with well being points – and even keep away from them altogether.

What You’ll Want

Feeling caught up within the fervor of fertilizing? Listed below are the necessities:


Humus is what stays after vegetation and animals decompose.

Often known as natural materials, humus improves many points of soil: diet, water-holding capability, construction, and cation trade capability.

Cation trade capability (CEC) could also be a brand new or complicated idea for folk, even when they’ve been within the gardening recreation for awhile.

Since nobody’s too sensible for a CEC refresher, let’s rehash the idea actual fast.

A close up horizontal image of kitchen waste on a compost pile.

CEC describes the potential of a soil to supply diet to vegetation, relatively than the quantity of diet already current in mentioned soil. Regardless of sounding alike, these are two completely various things.

Positively-charged plant vitamins similar to calcium and magnesium – often known as cations – are drawn to negatively-charged particles within the soil with a excessive CEC, similar to clay or compost.

As roots develop into the soil, they soak up vitamins which can be caught to soil particles.

In soil with excessive portions of humus, there’s the next quantity of cellular vitamins to soak up than in soils void of natural matter.

A close up image of dark, rich, organic soil.

CEC doesn’t tackle negatively charged ions – or anions – similar to nitrates, since they aren’t cations.

Soil particles don’t readily appeal to anions, that are vulnerable to washout through irrigation and rainfall.

Within the realm of important plant vitamins, that is much less probably for phosphorus because it’s not readily soluble… however I digress.

Kinds of humus match for including to your soil embrace peat moss, compost, and well-rotted manure.


For particular dietary deficiencies that want resolving, fertilizers are fairly helpful. When deciding on one, you’ve got two avenues to select from: natural or artificial.

Natural fertilizers encompass naturally occurring supplies similar to kelp meal, bat guano, or bone meal.

A optimistic high quality of organics is their tendency to supply secondary and/or hint vitamins that are typically current in these substances, serving to to ship balanced diet general.

A close up horizontal image of a gloved hand from the right of the frame applying granular plant food to the surface of the soil.

Artificial fertilizers make the most of mined or manufactured compounds similar to ammonium nitrate or potassium sulfate.

Such compounds provide readily bioavailable types of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the chief macronutrients important to vegetation, however are sometimes void of secondary and hint vitamins like magnesium and sulfur.

And imbalanced diet can result in deficiency or toxicity.

That, plus the tendency of synthetics to disrupt populations of useful soil microorganisms, makes natural fertilizers those many house gardeners choose to go together with, significantly when it’s handy to decide on them.

Soil Check

Should you’re not conscious of what’s happening together with your soil, then you definitely gained’t know the main points of its dietary standing that will or could not want altering.

For perception in your soil, skilled or DIY soil check kits are each strong decisions.

Using skilled sources similar to native college agricultural extensions or skilled companies will likely be fairly useful, and this may construct connections that you could name upon for future gardening queries.

Luster Leaf Soil Check Equipment

For a DIY soil check, do that equipment from Luster Leaf that reveals a soil’s pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ranges, which is obtainable on Amazon.

When and How you can Feed Your Crops

Previous to transplanting your Strelitzia, work a pair inches of humus into the soil across the planting web site.

To do that, break up the soil, add the humus, and work all of it collectively. This may begin issues off on the suitable foot by way of fertility.

A close up horizontal image of a colorful Strelitzia flower growing in the garden pictured on a green soft focus background.

For fertilizing a longtime chicken of paradise, you possibly can both amend the soil with humus or add supplemental fertilizer each three months in the course of the rising season.

Going with humus? Merely work an inch or two of natural materials into the foundation zone such as you did previous to transplanting.

Should you resolve to make use of fertilizer, apply doses seasonally in line with bundle directions.

A close up square image of Burpee Natural and Organic All Purpose Granular Plant Food set on a wooden surface.

Burpee Granular Plant Meals

For an natural fertilizer, do that all-purpose, granular 4-4-4 NPK possibility in four-pound baggage that’s obtainable from Burpee.

If artificial fertilizers are extra your pace, then Osmocote’s 14-14-14 NPK granular plant meals will serve you fairly properly.


With 11 important vitamins, it packs a considerably higher dietary punch than your commonplace, solely-containing-NPK synthetics. It’s obtainable on Amazon.

A Small Sacrifice for a Stunning Fowl of Paradise

It positively takes some effort to maintain these guys fertilized, however nothing Herculean. And c’mon, for blooms like these? It’s completely price it.

A close up horizontal image of a single bird of paradise (Strelitzia) flower pictured in bright sunshine on a dark soft focus background.

At any fee, you’ve added one more potential to your Strelitzia skillset, so congratulations! Could it serve you properly for seasons to return.

Have any inquiries to ask or remarks to make about chicken of paradise fertilization? The feedback part is for you!

All for preserving your chicken of paradise vegetation wanting ship-shape? Listed below are some extra Strelitzia upkeep guides:

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