When to Plant Tomatoes — Harvest to Desk

Plant tomato seedlings within the backyard 4 weeks after the final frost. Sow tomato seeds indoors 6 to 10 weeks earlier than setting seedlings within the backyard.  The backyard soil temperature for setting out transplants must be at the very least 60°F (16°C).

Tomatoes might be set within the backyard sooner if they’re protected against the chilly by a plastic tunnel or different season-extending gadgets.

For an prolonged or staggered harvest, plant early, mid, and late, or long-to-maturity varieties in mid to late spring.

Determinate tomatoes come to reap sooner than indeterminate varieties. Determinate varieties are a sensible choice for planting in spring for an early summer time harvest and in fall for a fast harvest earlier than the primary frost.

Tomatoes develop greatest in a little bit of sandy, well-drained loam wealthy in natural matter. Add loads of aged compost to the planting mattress earlier than planting. Plant tomatoes in full solar. Eve moisture all through the rising season is crucial for flavorful fruit improvement. You’ll want to maintain the house round tomatoes well-weeded, particularly within the 5 weeks after transplanting.

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tomato seedlings
Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedling planting dates

(These dates are for the Northern Hemisphere)

Common date of the final frost Planting dates
Jan. 30 Feb. 1-Apr. 1
Feb. 8 Feb. 20-Apr. 10
Feb. 18 Mar. 1-Apr. 20
Feb. 28 Mar. 10-Might 1
Mar. 10 Mar. 20-Might 10
Mar. 20 Apr. 1-Might 20
Mar. 30 Apr. 10-June 1
Apr. 10 Apr. 20-June 1
Apr. 20 Might 5-June 10
Apr. 30 Might 10-June 15
Might 10 Might 15-June 15
Might 20 Might 25-June 15
Might 30 June 5-20
June 10 June 15-30
Younger tomato seedlings

Tomato planting particulars

  • Sowing depth: ¼- ½ inch (6-12mm)
  • Area between plant after thinning: 2-4 toes (.6-1.2m)
  • Days to sprout: 10
  • Days to reap: 60-90
  • Storage interval: 1-2 weeks
  • Seeds per 100-row toes: 1 packet (50 crops)
  • Yield per 100-row toes: 300 kilos (136 kilograms)
  • Early season varieties: Early Woman, Inexperienced Grape, Juliet, Stupice, Solar Gold, Candy 100.
  • Midseason varieties: Arkansas Traveler, Higher Boy, Superstar, Cherokee Purple, Marglobe, Pink Brandywine, Roma
  • Late season varieties: Ace 55, Large Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Pink Brandywine, San Marzano

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