When to Prune Hydrangeas in Ohio

Yearly, we hear the identical query about hydrangeas: when is the very best time to prune?

In lots of instances, this query comes after a hydrangea has already change into giant and unruly. Sadly, that is often not the very best time to prune these standard vegetation.

Step one in assessing when to prune hydrangeas in Ohio is figuring out the kind of hydrangea you’ve gotten. 

Pruning Different Vegetation Versus Hydrangeas

With most different vegetation, the timing of pruning is straightforward: you prune after the plant flowers.

Within the case of spring bloomers like forsythia and lilac, you’ll prune within the spring after flowering happens. The explanation for this timing is the buds for the next spring set in the summertime and pruning them too late will end in little or no flowers that subsequent spring.

Within the case of summer season bloomers like Rose of Sharon, you’ll prune on the finish of summer season or the start of fall when the plant has completed flowering.

The query of when to prune hydrangeas doesn’t have as easy of a solution. With a number of sorts of species that every have their very own distinctive quirks, hydrangea care in Ohio — particularly when to prune these vegetation — varies based mostly on the species at hand.

Easy methods to Establish Your Kind of Hydrangea

Excluding the climbing hydrangea species (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris), there are 4 frequent species of hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Generally known as Large Leaf hydrangeas, the Hydrangea macrophylla species consists of Mopheads and Lacecaps. Basically, the leaves of those hydrangeas are comparatively thick and crisp, considerably shiny, and heart-shaped. The sides are serrated, and the leaf stems (or petioles) are brief, inflicting the leaves to hug near the principle stem. One other attribute to notice about this hydrangea species is the soil pH impacts flower coloration (acidic = blue, alkaline = pink).


Mophead hydrangea (Supply: Pinterest)lacecap

Lacecap hydrangea (Supply: Pinterest)

Hydrangea Quercifolia

Extra generally generally known as the Oakleaf hydrangea, the sort of hydrangea is usually the simplest to determine due to its oakleaf-shaped leaves. The plant’s brown/tan-colored exfoliating bark additional helps distinguish it from different kinds of hydrangeas, particularly when leaves aren’t current. Lengthy and conical-shaped, the Oakleaf hydrangea’s flowers have a tendency to start out out a creamy white hue and age to pink through the summer season and early fall. 


Oakleaf hydrangea (Supply: Pinterest)

Hydrangea Paniculata

Whereas the Hydrangea paniculata species is also known as PeeGee hydrangeas, this is only one selection inside the species. Different standard varieties underneath this umbrella are Limelight and Tardiva.

This group of hydrangeas incorporates a panicle-shaped flower that’s considerably much like that of the Oakleaf hydrangea. Whereas the Oakleaf hydrangea flower begins out creamy white, most paniculatas begin out a real white (or greenish-white within the case of Limelight) after which age to a pink or crimson hue.

One of many different defining traits of panicle hydrangeas is they’re the one sort of hydrangea that is available in a tree type. Whereas the macrophylla species tends to be mound-like, the paniculata species is often extra like a multi-stemmed shrub that may attain as excessive as 15 toes. It’s extra frequent for paniculatas to achieve about 8 toes with out pruning.


Limelight hydrangeas (Supply: Pinterest)


Tardiva hydrangeas (Supply: Pinterest)

Hydrangea Arborescens

The Hydrangea arborescens species is the group that’s typically known as the Clean-leaved hydrangeas. Essentially the most well-known number of this plant species is the Annabelle, which options giant flowers that open inexperienced, flip white and return to inexperienced once more. Different varieties like Invincibelle Spirit and Incrediball have additionally gained recognition prior to now few years.

Arborescens hydrangeas are acknowledged by their heart-shaped leaves which might be thinner and floppier than the macrophylla species. They’ve a matte floor and a coarser texture than the sleek leaf of the Mophead, with leaf stems which might be lengthy and held away from the principle stem. 

Many hydrangea varieties inside this group are high heavy and liable to fall over after wind and rain storms.


Invincibelle hydrangeas (Supply: Pinterest)


Incrediball hydrangeas (Supply: Pinterest)

The Greatest Time to Prune Every Hydrangea Species

Hydrangea Macrophylla: Late Summer time

Aside from the ever-bloomers like Infinite Summer time that may be pruned at any time of 12 months, macrophyllus bloom on previous wooden, which means that flowers bloom on final 12 months’s progress. Flower buds set between the late summer season to early fall, so it’s greatest to chop again the plant when the blooms are spent. Whereas acceptable, early spring pruning will end in sacrificing some flowers for that season. 

Within the fall, Infinite Summer time and different ever-bloomers might be reduce to manage their peak and measurement. Within the spring, pruning earlier than blooming begins will really encourage new progress and enhance the variety of flower clusters. Spent flowers might be eliminated at any time of the 12 months to additional assist progress.

Hydrangea Quercifolia: Late Summer time to Early Fall

Oakleaf hydrangeas bloom on previous wooden and their buds set early within the fall. The vegetation must be pruned instantly after the blooms are spent.

Hydrangea Paniculata: Fall, Winter or Spring

Though it’s not essential to prune paniculatas yearly, this species can rapidly get out of hand if they aren’t maintained. Paniculata hydrangeas bloom on new wooden, which means flowers bloom on younger progress, to allow them to be pruned recurrently as wanted and nonetheless flower.

Hydrangea Arborescens: Fall, Winter or Spring

Hydrangeas arborescens bloom on new wooden and might be trimmed within the fall, winter or spring. Individuals will usually reduce these vegetation within the fall, much like a perennial. Whereas that is acceptable, it can lead to thinner, weaker stems that fall over extra simply. If left up till spring, after which thinned out and evenly trimmed, you’ll find yourself with a stronger stemmed plant.

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