Why Is This Spring-Blooming Plant Known as Pigsqueak?

On an inventory of bizarre plant names, Miss Piggy pigsqueak ranks close to the highest! This is why the plant has its wacky moniker, and find out how to develop it.

Pigsqueak Plant: What’s with the Identify?

Pigsqueak plantBy way of Confirmed Winners
Miss Piggy pigsqueak

At first, this plant’s title is a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser (identical to these attention-grabbing chook names and nicknames). Why would a flower—with no mouth to facilitate squeaking—be referred to as a Miss Piggy “pigsqueak?” Surprisingly, it comes all the way down to the leaves. When the leaf of a pigsqueak plant is rubbed between one’s thumb and finger, it produces a high-pitched squeaking sound that carefully resembles the noise a pig makes.

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Find out how to Develop Miss Piggy Pigsqueak

Pwbergenia Miss Piggy pigsqueakBy way of Confirmed Winners
This flowering plant is an effective alternative for containers.

Widespread Identify: Miss Piggy pigsqueak
Scientific Identify: Bergenia cordifolia ‘Miss Piggy’
Zones: 4 to 9
Dimension: 18 inches tall and 32 inches vast
Soil: Nicely-draining, moisture-retentive soil
Gentle Wants: Half to full shade
Attracts: Butterflies and bees

Miss Piggy is new from Confirmed Winners and is right for shady areas. Shiny pink blooms adorn the low-growing plant in spring; they may seem as early as April. Bees and butterflies will find it irresistible!

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Even after the blooms are spent for the season, the daring, darkish inexperienced leaves make it a wonderful alternative for backyard borders. In winter, this pigsqueak plant boasts purple-bronze foliage. Develop it in wealthy, moist, well-draining soil for one of the best outcomes.

Strive rising it in a container or as a border plant or floor cowl, however bear in mind to snip just a few blooms for a DIY bouquet—pigsqueak makes for a wonderful reduce flower so as to add to an association. And when you’ve been looking for a choice to thwart your furry yard critters, look no additional. Miss Piggy can also be identified to resist deer and rabbits.

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