Your Houseplants Are Attempting to Speak to You. How? What are They Saying?

Do you know your houseplant is attempting to let you know one thing? How? What’s it saying?

After all, your houseplants aren’t going to all of the sudden develop the power to speak. However they do have methods of speaking with you.

Whether or not it’s I’m chilly, I’m hungry, I’m worn out, or I would like a drink, they’re speaking to you. Their look is the best way they impart what’s going on with them.

A Comfortable Houseplant

goldfish houseplant
This goldfish plant is wholesome and blooming

This Nematanthus ‘Tropicana’ is simply saying I’m completely happy, in the precise mild, and so am blooming. The identical for the Tillandsia ionantha under.

The orchid within the center is sending out buds, so I do know it has the precise mild and care. The dieffenbachia on the precise is sending out a brand new leaf.

Yellow Houseplant Leaves

What’s a yellow leaf telling us? Most frequently, it’s telling us it’s outdated and prepared for composting. It’s making method for brand spanking new leaves. The crops under are all dropping only one outdated leaf and that’s okay.

If there are numerous yellow leaves, it might be saying, “Hey! You aren’t one of the best at retaining me evenly moist.” It might be that the consistency of watering just isn’t there. If a plant turns into too dry, when watered, it normally will get better. The results although will probably be yellowing leaves and brown leaf suggestions.

Dry Houseplants

If you happen to enable a plant to develop into too dry, it might have leaves that don’t get better after watering. Do you know that generally you’ll be able to inform a plant is dry by its colour.

Dead houseplant leaf
This calathea/goeppertia leaf is curled up and lifeless.

This calathea (now goeppertia) is telling me to up-pot it instantly. I can’t preserve it moist sufficient to maintain it wholesome. This curled up leaf is lifeless. When it’s dry, the leaves curl up, however unfurl after I water it. This one didn’t get better. I’ll put it in a bigger container.

This Ficus maclellandii ‘Alii Variegata’ above is root certain. The roots are popping out of the drainage gap and it drinks plenty of water. Due to the inconsistent watering, it has developed brown suggestions and leaves have fallen off. I additionally must up-pot this plant this spring.

Houseplant Issues

Typically and I hope not usually, your plant is telling you it has an issue that isn’t out of your care. It might have scale, mites, aphids, mealybugs, fungus gnats or another pest.

Scale, mealies, and aphids depart a sticky, shiny substance in your plant which is an indicator you might have an issue. Webbing from spider mites means you might have an enormous drawback as a result of they’re onerous to see in small numbers. Webbing means there are an in depth variety of mites.

You could must deal with your plant with an insecticide or miticide. There are a lot of merchandise and options, so that you select one which works finest for you and all the time learn the label.

The looks of the leaves, bumps the place bumps shouldn’t be (scale), white fuzzy stuff in your plant, and flying little bugs are all issues that have an effect on your houseplant’s well being.


Placing your crops in mild that’s finest for them goes a good distance in ensuring your plant is wholesome and completely happy. But, there might be issues with mild that your plant is attempting to let you know about. How are they doing that?


This anthurium was positioned outdoors with out acclimating it first and its leaves had been sunburned. If you happen to take a plant outdoors, be certain to position it on the north facet of your own home or below a tree for a few weeks. This enables the plant to get used to the upper mild situations.

Anthurium with sunburn
This anthurium was positioned within the solar outdoors with out acclimating it first and so is sunburned


Keep in mind to show your crops so that they keep symmetrical. They’ll lean in the direction of the sunshine supply, which known as phototropism. Each time you water, give your crops 1 / 4 flip.

These begonia leaves are turned the identical method

Sunstressed houseplants

It is a sunstressed hoya. That doesn’t imply it has a sunburn. Many individuals solar stress succulents and cacti to present them a reddish colour. It isn’t hurting them and although some suppose it engaging, others might imagine their plant is dying.

Sun stressed houseplant
This Hoya pubicalyx is near a south window and is solar harassed

That doesn’t imply it doesn’t bloom. It does.

Hoya pubicalyx bloom
Hoya pubivalyx blooming

Brown leaf suggestions and edges

Usually crops present one thing is affecting them by creating brown suggestions or leaf edges. These seem if a plant is inconsistently watered. However, there are crops which might be affected by what’s IN our water.

The calatheas and prayer crops above are within the marantaceae household. They don’t like water that comprises fluoride. If you happen to reside the place there’s municipal or “metropolis” water, as I do, there’s fluoride within the water. This impacts these crops. Use distilled or rainwater to water crops on this household. Additionally they don’t prefer to dry out, so preserve them moist.

The spathiphyllum within the higher proper could have brown ends from inconsistent watering. Or minerals and salts within the potting medium may very well be burning the ideas of the leaves. Ensure that to flush water via the plant usually and repot with recent potting medium frequently.


Preserve your houseplants wholesome and they’ll reward you with their silence, as a result of they received’t must let you know about any issues they’re having. By retaining an in depth eye on every houseplant, it is possible for you to to inform when they’re “talking” to you.

Have an amazing week, and hearken to your houseplants. They could be attempting to let you know one thing.


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